PHOENIX, ARIZONA, April 25, 2023 — Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs increasingly feel overwhelmed by their growing to-do lists. There’s an abundance of information available, from articles to videos and podcasts, on building and growing a business. However, founders frequently end up juggling more tasks than anticipated. It might seem that doing everything yourself, or having a small team take on various roles, will save money and guarantee results, but for many, it results in burnout before success can be achieved.

The solution isn’t simply working harder. Surprisingly, business owners can accomplish more and increase profits by doing less, particularly if tasks aren’t being executed effectively from the outset. The optimal strategy is to learn how to delegate and outsource correctly. That’s what Angie Moore, a veteran marketer has set out to share in The Outsource Authority.

Containing over a decade’s worth of knowledge and experience delegating work to freelancers around the world, The Outsource Authority offers several options and solutions to help small business owners and overwhelmed entrepreneurs focus on the high-level tasks and outsource the rest so they can finally scale their businesses. This is not a hub to hire freelancers, instead it serves as guidance giving business owners the right tools and framework to outsource with confidence. The goal is to take the guesswork out of finding and qualifying reliable freelancers with a 3-step proven approach, which reduces the risk of bad hires, poor work product, and wasted money.

“Having outsourced work to over 400 freelancers and ordering over 1,000 gigs, I’ve developed a simple, fool-proof approach that others can easily follow”, described Angie Moore, Founder of The Outsource Authority and President of Six Degrees Digital Media. “Since 2010, I’ve hired employees, freelancers, contractors, and vendors. Now aside from our small in-house team, I hire freelancers, as that’s been the best experience overall.”

Launching a business can consume a business owner’s entire existence, particularly when they attempt to cut costs by having inexperienced workers handle tasks that should be done by specialists. However, this usually leads to mediocre results and in turn, and missed revenue opportunities.

When getting started with outsourcing and working with freelancers, there’s more to consider than you might think if you want to get the best possible outcome. Without guidance on where to start or how to properly qualify freelancers, it’s just like rolling the dice and hoping you get what you wanted. The Outsource Authority changes that with a battle-tested proven 3-step process to research, qualify, and hire the right talent in order so business owners don’t waste time or end up with more headaches.

Moore’s experience with outsourcing has caught the attention of one of the biggest companies in the freelancing industry, Fiverr. They’ve acknowledged her ability guide others to successfully outsource with confidence.

“Angie Moore is a great resource for any business owner looking to hire freelancers on Fiverr. She is a Top Fiverr Buyer who runs a successful Digital Marketing Agency, who has worked with a committed and dedicated network of Fiverr Sellers that she has curated over time”, shared Sharon Lee Thony, current Director of Digital Marketing Agencies at Fiverr. “Angie will teach you how you can build your business and grow your team by smartly navigating the Fiverr marketplace to hire quality talent that helps you generate results.”

The Outsource Authority is ideal for solo-prenuers to marketing managers and business owners who need more expert help but don’t have the capacity or resources for costly, long-term, commitments.  It’s also ideal for those who’ve had disappointing outsourcing experiences in the past.

The Outsource Authority offers a variety of solutions to help business owners discover how to reduce their workload so they can focus on the essential tasks within their business.

If you’re ready to scale your business and discover how to find affordable experts to get the job done, visit The Outsource Authority today.

About The Outsource Authority:

Based on over a dozen years of outsourcing and working with over 400 freelancers, The Outsource Authority will share how you can leverage expert freelancers so that you can build your business faster, easier and all within your budget!

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