Animal Behavior College has new course certifications in Cat Training School, Aquarium Maintenance School, and Zookeeper Assistant School for their online classes. Start your new animal-related career in the next year with one of ABC’s course certifications. Learn more at


Santa Clarita, CA, January 22, 2021 — Animal Behavior College is now offering online course certifications for their Cat Training SchoolAquarium Maintenance School, and Zookeeper Assistant School in addition to Dog Training School, Vet Assistant School, and Dog Grooming School.

Animal Behavior College is a pioneer when it comes to distance learning. The combination of online animal behavior courses with a network of on-site training facilities where you can still have that hands-on approach to what you are learning was created by ABC. Their larger selection of facilities allows them to reach more students without forcing them to travel long distances to gain this experience.

Despite what you might think, there is a lot to cat behavior and why they act the way that they do. Despite popular belief, cats can be trained, it just takes a precise amount of training to do so.

“Similar to dogs, you can train cats if you understand cat behavior, cat psychology, and communication. From litter box training to spraying to inappropriate biting, you’ll be taught the skills to become a certified cat trainer at our Cat Training School,” says a spokesperson for Animal Behavior School. “You’ll learn how to read cat body language like a professional and how to apply your understanding of cat behavior to train them. The Cat Training Program also discusses the different cat breeds and coat types, behavior management and preventative socialization, and basic cat training cues.”

The industry for aquatic animals is more complicated than picking out a pretty fish and setting up an appropriate environment for them. In this business, you will need to understand the difference between that and applying aquarium maintenance to the mix.
“Our Aquarium Maintenance School is packed with information to educate you in the art, science, and business of aquarium design, fishkeeping, and aquarium maintenance,” says a spokesperson for Animal Behavior College. “The course will include hundreds of pages of written materials that will walk novices through everything they need to begin maintaining freshwater aquariums and saltwater aquariums, and ultimately build a business model around aquarium maintenance service.”

Zookeeping is about so much more than taking care of and feeding the animals living in a zoo. It involves a need for knowledge of animal behaviors, animal breeding, and even animal conservation.

“Our Zookeeper Assistant School consists of 10 stages,” says a spokesperson for Animal Behavior College. “The courses contain vital information to prepare you for a career in a zoo or for further zookeeper education. Our program includes information on species-specific husbandry, animal housing and exhibits, animal safety, animal behaviors, exotic animal health, nutrition, and conservation, and career-building for your future.”

Whether you are looking to attend Animal Behavior College’s Dog Training School, Aquarium Maintenance School, Cat Training School, or Zookeeper Assistant School, they have to proper certification program to get you well on your way to your career in working with animals. Learn more at

About Animal Behavior College: For over20 years, Animal Behavior College has been providing students a path toward a rewarding career with animals. We offer six animal career training programs in dog training, veterinary assisting, dog grooming, cat training, aquarium maintenance, and zookeeper assisting —all of which can be done in the comfort of your own home. The flexibility, tuition, and fun animal interactions are just a few reasons why our students choose us.

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