reports on a study conducted by Tadas Strumbys regarding the relationship between spirituality and lucid dreaming.


Melbourne, AUS, 13 June 2022— There is nothing more fascinating than being able to control your dreams. For some, lucid dreaming comes naturally, while others try to control their dreams to no avail., a website dedicated to everything relating to dreams, has released an article about a recent study on the relationship between lucid dreaming and spirituality.

This study was conducted by Tadas Stumbys this year. By surveying 471 participants, Stumbys found that there are correlations between lucid dreaming, spiritual transcendence, and mystical experiences.

While Stumbys found that lucid dreamers tend to have higher spiritual transcendence scores, he acknowledges that there is a potential bias due to the fact that the participants of this project were self-selected. Also, the participants were predominantly from western countries and all of similar age.

Furthermore, this study was merely observational and does not claim that lucid dreaming actually causes spiritual transcendence. 

“Despite the limitations of the study, the results are still fascinating and can provide some insight in the realm of lucid dreaming and spirituality,” said Simon Henry, founder of

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