Commercial and residential property managers have an obligation to maintain a safe environment and keep tenants and visitors free from injuries and dangerous conditions. Traditionally, many have sought out a security guard service to help protect their properties, but there are risks involved in relying on security guards as your sole solution including:

  • There are no federal training standards.
  • Some guards form relationships with the people they are hired to protect. That could hinder objectivity.
  • In some cases, a guard may act inappropriately or unnecessarily escalate a situation.
  • There is risk involved in being a guard because of dangerous situations.
  • The inability to be in multiple places at the same time.
  • Wages, insurance, training fees, uniforms and equipment can make security guards cost-prohibitive.

Learn more about these risks and why security guards are an outdated, inefficient and a cost-prohibitive security solution in our white paper, Changing of the Guard. You’ll also find out how today’s computer-vision technology has disrupted the security guard industry with more efficient, effective and less expensive solutions.

There is very little security guards can do that proactive video monitoring cannot. Live video monitoring combines technology with human intelligence to provide ongoing surveillance without the liability problems of a traditional guard. Trained operators remotely watch multiple on-site security cameras simultaneously. Traditional guards are limited in what they can see, and larger properties may be challenging to cover. Remote video monitoring allows our operators to watch areas that may be inaccessible to guards.

Proactive video monitoring provides extensive site coverage, round-the-clock surveillance and cost savings for a more thorough and reliable level of protection than traditional guards.

Want to learn more? Download our white paper, Changing of the Guard, to read more about the liability and financial concerns of traditional security guards.