Allessimo, a leading provider of fun and education-focused toys, has created brain-boosting, challenging 3D puzzles that help to support children’s development and learning, while promoting creativity and independence. Allessimo provides a creative and engaging solution in moving children away from their dependence on electronic devices and instead, nurture creativity, problem-solving, and focus in children of all ages. From a wide array of puzzle lines, including Wunderclay and Artisolve puzzles, Allessimo is happy to encourage hands-on activities that will help children develop critical thinking and encourage a lifetime of learning and curiosity.


Newport Beach, CA – May 7, 2020 – Allessimo, a leading provider of educationally-focused toys for children, is pleased to provide reality puzzles that help develop children’s creativity and intelligence while promoting fun. Learning doesn’t have to be boring! Allessimo’s reality puzzles are designed to help children learn lifelong skills while encouraging them to have fun in the process.

Allessimo’s product offerings include:

Wunderclay: Allessimo’s Wunderclay allows the user to create their own unique masterpiece with their solved puzzle using a rainbow of clay shades and fun accessories. From dinosaurs to unicorns, to bunnies, elephants, and more, there is an option for every child’s imagination that will keep them entertained and constantly learning.

Create+Paint: Allessimo’s Create+Paint toy line invites kids to solve a 3D puzzle of their choice and then customize their masterpiece using their own paint palette. This customization allows them the freedom to explore their creativity and showcase their personality. The Create + Paint sets include everything kids need to design their own works of art, including high-quality laser-cut wooden puzzle pieces, several paint shades, and an artist’s paintbrush.

Artisolve: With Allessimo’s Artisolve puzzle kits, kids can create everything from battle aircrafts to fantasy homes to their own Eiffel Tower. There is no limit to what children can create when they use their imagination and ingenuity, and Allessimo toys are a wonderfully engaging outlet to do so.

Solar Puzzles: Allessimo’s Revolutionary Solar puzzle vehicles are great to build and they are solar powered so there is no need for any batteries. Models currently include various types of vehicle puzzles with plans to add more products to the line in the future.

Not only are Allessimo puzzles fun and engaging, but they introduce subjects like math, engineering, and mechanics into playtime. This gives children hours and hours of creative and fun activities while helping to support cognitive skills, boost imaginations, and ignite learning development while playing.

“In addition to sparking creativity and cognitive development, these puzzles also help teach children problem-solving and patience,” said Allessimo’s Bill Ahmed. “We are proud to offer an alternative to electronic devices and provide an outlet for children to get more hands-on in their play. This helps them develop traits that will encourage them to identify and explore their passions. It is imperative that kids limit their screen time and Allessimo through its offers of puzzles, games and other products offers creative activities that not only polish the child’s cognitive development, but also their skills in math, science, art, and design. Moreover, our puzzles and other products provide a chance of fun activity for the whole family”.

“Parents spend a lot of money on buying electronic devices”, Bill says. “and on subsequent in-app purchases. They also spend money on scam sites and scammers routinely target the vulnerable with products that are not educational or beneficial for children’s’ learning. Allessimo’s brain-boosting puzzles take kids offline and help them engage in safe and development appropriate spaces whilst also encouraging social interactions with friends and family. Sit together and let the kids paint cool creatures and discover the creativity inside of you and your child with countless hours of playtime that the whole family can enjoy together”.

It is very easy to get your hands on Allessimo puzzles, dinosaur paint, and other toys; simply go on our site and choose your favorite characters. “Our team is constantly developing new products and updates so be sure to check in their website and Facebook page regularly for information and great deals. Allessimo loves to hear from customers so feel free to follow, subscribe, and leave your feedback.”

About Allessimo

Advances in technology have led to children being more connected to devices, giving them fewer opportunities to explore their creativity. As electronic devices have taken over as a primary resource for entertainment, children have become more limited in terms of exploring their own imaginations and ingenuity. Allessimo is determined to change that by igniting development in children through hands-on experiences that provoke curiosity and creativity.

Allessimo was born out of a desire the founders had for their children to have experiences that would foster creativity, a lifetime of learning, and curiosity. Allessimo wholeheartedly believes in playtime with purpose. The company’s mission is to provide the whole family with fun and accessible ways to learn, explore, and build together. Allessimo offers a collection of hand-picked educational activities that will provide children with limitless outlets to explore their creativity and spark lifelong passions, confidence, and purpose. The products are excellent whether the child is a preschooler or an older kid.

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