All Metals Fabricating, a contract manufacturer based in Allen, TX which specializes in sheet metal fabrication, machining, electro-mechanical assembly, and powder coating, has recently acquired a new automatic load tube laser cutting machine, which will help facilitate the timely, accurate and efficient completion of precision fabricated projects.


Allen, TX, February 20, 2020 – All Metals Fabricating has a long history producing sheet metal for a wide range of industries for more than sixty-five years. But as the company has expanded, it has continued to upgrade and improve its equipment and processes, as well as expand its capabilities. And their new Automatic Load Tube Laser Cutting Machine from Bodor CNC Machine Company accomplishes all three, as it opens them up to a new market while also allowing them to build current parts more efficiently.  AMF always strives to be a complete manufacturing solutions provider for their customers, and adding this machine allows them to continue to accomplish that goal more fully. 

The Laser Cutter offers a high degree of precision, with a focusing accuracy of 0.05 millimeters, and is able to cut without producing burrs or roughness, and without risk of damaging or deforming the workpiece due to heat or impact.

And with an intuitive user interface and convenient operation that make the machine easy to use, the Bodor machine is as much an investment in the employees of All Metals Fabrication as it is in their customers, who can continue to expect precisely machined pieces combined with production efficiencies resulting from high speed Cutting that can save money.

The laser cutting machine is the latest addition to this family-owned and operated manufacturer that specializes in precision sheet metal fabricating and machining services and has always been committed to excellence in customer service, innovation, and quality, which has earned them a reputation for dependability dating back three generations.

What began as just a sheet metal fabrication company in 1953, has continued to expand, with services now including machining, powder coating, cabling, and electromechanical assembly. All Metals Fabricating serves a variety of industries. In addition to telecommunications and aerospace, they produce medical equipment, automobile parts, and commercial kitchen equipment.

The company counts as its greatest asset an experienced team that has an average tenure of over 15 years. All Metals Fabricating invests heavily in cutting-edge machinery and technology to better serve their customers with increased quality and efficiency.

CEO Lance Thrailkill has implemented a continuous improvement program for employees to share ideas for improvement and demonstrate their contribution to the bottom line. All Metals seeks cost-effective solutions for their customers, solutions that cover a wide range of manufacturing capabilities, enabling them to support customers from initial concept design through production, finishing, and assembly.

With extensive capabilities to provide customers with strategic, cost-effective solutions for both prototype and production jobs. At All Metals Fabricating, does more than just manufacture parts. As a single-source supplier, they provide complete manufacturing solutions, ensuring superior products and responsive quality service. With a devotion to meeting and exceeding customer expectations, it’s no wonder they’ve become a trusted manufacturing partner, not just to the US Department of Defense, but also in the construction of the telecommunications network of the future.

About the Company: All Metals Fabricating is a contract manufacturer that specializes in sheet metal fabricating, machining, electro-mechanical assembly and powder coating. Our wide range of manufacturing capabilities and state-of-the-art equipment enable us to support customers from initial concept design through production, finishing, and assembly. We are devoted to meeting and exceeding customer expectations and would love the opportunity to serve you and become your trusted manufacturing partner.

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