Alexia Usgaard, women’s business, and leadership coach, is pleased to announce the launch of her new course FEARCEly Free. The course helps FEARCE women take back control of their lives and careers by investing in themselves through mindfulness, nutrition, connection, and sleep. Alexia has a decade of experience in studying personal mastery, feminine leadership, women’s empowerment, and fear, and uses that experience to help women move past fear to make courageous moves in their careers.


Berkeley, CA – May 5, 2020 – Women’s business and leadership coach, Alexia Usgaard, is pleased to announce the launch of her new FEARCEly Free course. This workshop is designed to help FEARCE women invest in themselves through mindfulness, movement, nutrition, connection, and sleep in order to take control of their lives and careers.

Alexia knows firsthand the downfall of living only for other people and not living for yourself. She battled her own struggles, won, and was able to come out stronger and more empowered as a result. She now shares what she’s learned on her journey with women from around the world, helping them lead with passion while staying true to themselves.

“The FEARCE Movement started as a way for me to answer the struggles that so many women go through in today’s male-driven workplace,” said Alexia. “There were too many female voices that were not being heard, not enough diversity, and not enough female leaders. That needed to change. My passion is to empower women to speak up and take their rightful place as leaders in the workforce. This new course has a focus on self-care which is an essential aspect of living ‘FEARCEly’.”

Alexia helps women get crystal clear clarity so they can make courageous moves in their careers. She has a decade of experience studying fear, personal mastery, and women’s empowerment.

“Change comes from the inside,” continued Alexia. “To tap into leadership potential, many women need a boost in self-confidence. Taking care of yourself and truly investing in your mindfulness and wellbeing is the first step in unleashing your confidence. This course will help women take those first steps towards becoming the version of themselves they always dreamed of and redefining success on their terms. I’m so excited to help women on their journey toward inner fulfillment, guide them to realize their desired career path, and unlock their leadership potential. I look forward to continuing to help women invest in themselves and their future through achieving clarity, self-care, and self-confidence.”

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About Alexia Usgaard

Alexia Usgaard is a leadership expert, self-care advocate, and Founder of The FEARCE Movement. She has spent over a decade studying fear, integrative biology, stress, mindfulness, and leadership across the world, from Silicon Valley to Southeast Asia, and now Africa, using what she’s learned to support women to redefine success on their terms. Alexia has also worked with some of the world’s leading entrepreneurs, influencers, and billionaire CEOs.
Alexia is currently coaching female leaders around the world, speaking on leadership and empowerment panels, changing organizations from the inside out, and offering group coaching programs with the mission of connecting the visionary women of the world. Learn more at

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