Girona, Spain, 15 May 2020 – Alex Kei is a Spanish business owner, marketing strategist, and international speaker; Founder of Digital Marketing Agency: Dentimarka and Founder of Online Marketing Academy: Keiwebco. Fluent in three languages (English, Spanish and Portuguese), Alex has given lectures in countries such as: Portugal, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Brasil, USA, Colombia, and Spain, on subjects related to: digital marketing, branding, and online businesses.

Who are YOU?

Although I am not what I do, most people know me for what I do and not for who I am. In my professional life, I am a strategist. As a strategist, I envision the end result my clients or I want to achieve and then I visualize many different possible ways to reach that outcome and proceed to gather the resources and put the pieces together. Sometimes I work as a Marketing Strategist… other times as a Brand or Public Image Strategist. A very important and fulfilling part of my job is to help authors, consultants and coaches to launch BIG careers. In my personal life I am an ultra-curious person who always wants to learn new things; try new things (sometimes a new musical instrument, other times is a sleight-of-hand magic move) and spend time cultivating my passions: writing, music, beach walks and animals. I am a proud dad of three cats and one dog! I am known to volunteer my time and my home as a foster/shelter home for abandoned cats waiting for adoption.

What inspired you to start your business?

I am the first entrepreneur in my family. I grew up in a very traditional, working-middle class environment. My parents wanted me to have a “normal” working life, but since I was 15 years old, I knew I wasn’t cut out for that. I felt, thought and behaved differently from my parents and other members of my family and always had big dreams that required me to create opportunities instead of waiting for them to just ‘show up’ one day. Being a business owner requires a lot of stamina, resilience, and the ability to ignore what other people “think” is “better” for us. At the same time, inspiration is very important and one of the best sources of inspiration is the accomplishments of others. We all need role models; people we look up to; people who already are what we would like to become. This is especially useful when we are feeling down and about to throw the towel. Paying attention to the success of other people (without comparing — just benchmarking) and learning about their struggles and defeats is a huge inspiration for me. That’s what keeps me in love with the business world!

You have specialized in High-Ticket selling techniques. Tell us about it.

I help consultants, coaches and authors to make more money via better brand positioning and a better value propositions to their clients. Many consultants and coaches charge a lot less than they should, either because they don’t feel worthy of more, or they don’t have the image and attitude in front of their clients that will allow them to be perceived as a high-value brand, or they don’t create a strong enough offer that enables them to positively transform the lives of their clients. In order to charge higher prices as a coach or consultant, the public can’t see the professional as a generic drug or a commodity and that’s exactly what most professionals get when promoting themselves. I don’t want my clients to think “I need to hire a brand strategist” when requiring my services, I want them to think “I need to hire Alex Kei to help me launch big my consulting/coaching career”. Selling high-ticket services or products requires the professional to perceive himself or herself as a “Celebrity” and think, look, act, and deliver as one. It is important to “package” the offer in a way that potential clients immediately notice they are in front of a strong, exclusive brand name and not “one more in the bunch”.

How important is Persuasion, Charisma and Influence to succeed in business?

Ab-so-lu-te-ly important in every sense of the word(s). I have been studying and applying influence and authority for more than 15 years and a charismatic and persuasive person will open a lot more doors than the best professional in the field. Being excellent at what we do is highly important, but personality and communication will win over quality. You can be the best, but if you don’t attract and captivate your ideal clients with your personality (or “professional persona”) and if you don’t communicate your value proposition flawlessly, then you will be unable to create new and better opportunities for yourself. Some people believe that persuasion is manipulation. That’s a mistake and we must understand that a persuasive person provides the right arguments to transform the opinion or behavior of people for the benefit of both parts, while a manipulator deceives and attacks emotionally other people for his/her own benefit. On the other hand, charisma is not what many people describe as friendliness and “all smiles”. Charisma is not necessarily about being friendly but being likable and admirable and confidant. A confident person who can show traits that are attractive to other people and communicate very well and at the same time, present valid and solid arguments to the public, then that is a person with plenty of influence.

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