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107 million people across the globe have alcohol use disorders (AUDs), according to the World Health Organization (WHO). For many of these people who live in the daily pain of alcohol addiction, they will never get the help they need. Roadblocks like the cost, associated stigmas, and others cause many to never seek help for alcohol issues.

However, there are many too who seek help at alcohol treatment facilities each day. Thousands of people who live with a problem with alcohol will take the first brave step and find alcohol rehab facilities accepting patients. After they narrow down the list and find the best alcohol treatment facilities for them, they will make a choice. Many of these individuals go into treatment at alcohol abuse treatment centers and get the help they need.

The first step in recovery from alcohol use disorders is to find alcohol treatment facilities best-suited for you. At first glance, you may think all addiction treatment centers are more or less the same. And while there can be many similarities amongst alcohol treatment facilities, there are often both subtle and more obvious differences.

It’s important to find an alcohol treatment center that meets your unique recovery needs. Begin by taking an honest look at yourself (or your loved one) and not only your alcohol issues but also any other issues you may have. Some of these other issues may be contributing to your alcohol or substance problem.

For example, do you struggle with a co-occurring mental health issue such as anxiety, depression, or any other condition? If you do, you aren’t alone. A high percentage of those with alcohol or substance use disorders also have a second mental health issue.

If you think you or your loved one may have a co-occurring disorder, it’s imperative in your search for alcohol treatment facilities to find one experienced and successful in simultaneously treating any co-occurring mental health issues. Futures specializes in treating co-occurring disorders like these.

As your search for the best alcohol rehab facilities expands, consider what type of amenities and location you prefer. Do you want to be in a simple, basic environment? Or, do you want to have comfort and luxury in your stay? In your list of alcohol treatment facilities, it’s a good idea to note which ones fit your particular interests and needs.

In addition, are you more of a ‘stay at home’ type of person or one that craves excitement and adventure at every turn? Finding alcohol treatment facilities that offer privacy may be important if you’re the first type but treatment facilities that offer on and off-site excursions may be best if you’re the latter of the types.

Another aspect to consider are any other issues you may be experiencing. Do you have chronic pain? Is there an eating disorder or gambling issue as well? Do you have trauma from the past?

All of these items are essential pieces of the puzzle in an integrated,  comprehensive addiction treatment program. Futures treats individuals living with chronic pain, who have experienced trauma both in childhood and adulthood, and aim to provide an individualized treatment program that offers multiple pathways to recovery for each person who contacts us for help.

If you or someone you love needs help for alcohol or a substance use disorder contact Futures confidentially online or by phone at 866-804-2098.