SEER is the measure of the energy efficiency of a system. The average Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) rating is fourteen. However, beginning next year, SEER ratings for heat pumps and AC units will rise from 13 to 14 in northern states, while the southern regions will increase their SEER ratings from 14 to 15. For more details on Alco air, click here


Longview, TX, January 10, 2023- Alco Air announces changes in SEER ratings in 2023. Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio is one of the most important factors when purchasing a forced air system. The rating tells a client how much energy is required to operate an air conditioner or a heat pump. While the minimum SEER rating is 13, Alco Air has ACs and heat pumps with ratings of up to 21. 

Alco Air offers residents from Longview Air Conditioning Installation services. As a heating and cooling specialist, the company advises its clients on the most favorable and cost-effective air conditioners for their businesses and homes. Although air conditioners and heat pumps may look similar, their SEER ratings may differ. The higher the rating, the lower the costs of operation and the better the efficiency of AC units and heat pumps. Therefore, air conditioners with higher SEER ratings can significantly reduce a client’s electric bill depending on the average power usage. 

“We have served our Longview clients for about thirty years now. That’s why our customer’s comfort is our key priority. We advise our clients on the most suitable SEER ratings for their ACs because apart from their satisfaction, we also strive to provide long-term efficiency of our products. A satisfied customer is more likely to consider us for any of their future heating or cooling needs,” said Justin Tramel, the Chief Executive Officer for Alco Air. 

Alco Air also provides other services for residents in different Texas towns. For instance, the company has Longview AC Repair services for local residents. The company encourages clients to bring in their ACs for repair if they hear loud noises coming from the AC, if the AC gives different temperatures in different areas of the house, and if there are visible cracks in the AC. 

The company is also responsible for operating Kilgore AC Installation. Clients in Kilgore can contact the company and get a quote on new AC installation for their homes or businesses. 

Besides, Alco Air provides high-quality residential and commercial plumbing services. The company recognizes the importance of a viable plumbing system in maintaining hygiene and health. The plumbing services offered by the company include maintenance, repairs, installation, and drain cleaning. 

About Alco Air:

Alco Air proudly serves residents from East Texas for all of their heating, Air Conditioning, and Indoor Air quality needs. It’s our goal to leave our Texas clientele with peace of mind knowing that their HVAC system is installed and running at peak efficiency year-round. Ensure to consult them on all your energy efficiency needs. 

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