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The ability to create change sometimes goes unrecognized, by one’s self as well as others. Marta Castellano is determined to redirect that course in regards to the Latin community. As the founder and CEO of Los Angeles based Al Tun Tun, Castellano has created the means to illuminate the Latin community and the country of its positive influence and power. In contrast to the tone of the conversation about the Latin community often being in a negative light, Al Tun Tun recognizes the massive power of Latin Millennials. America has experienced a number of Latin booms in pop culture but Social Media has empowered the viral transmission of this in a way never before possible. Musicians, DJs, athletes, fashionistas, and influencers from every aspect of modern life are providing evidence of the major contributions of the Hispanic community and their culture to America. Jeffrey Eisenach’s (a member of Donald Trump’s transition team) recently authored fifty-five page report (Making America Rich Again: The Latino Effect on Economic Growth) states, “The US Latino population is growing, young, increasingly educated, employed, connected, entrepreneurial, and upwardly mobile in terms of income as well as consumption.” The purchasing power of Latinos exceeds the $1 trillion mark and its population is younger than other ethnic groups; meaning this group will be a major player in culture and the economy for quite some time. Al Tun Tun has gathered the most recognized and influential millennial influencers to create a sense of community and connect them with the Latin consumer base, announcing that the era of their impact on the US has arrived.

(Oscar Casas)(Romeo Miller)

Marta recognized the influence of the Hispanic community several years ago. As the public message contrasted the overwhelmingly positive influence of this group, she formulated what would become Al Tun Tun, a gathering of celebrities, influencers, athletes, and tastemakers of Latin ethnicity. The goal was one of simultaneously building a sense of pride and connection. She explains, “ATT offers a home and community for like-minded Latin tastemakers, artists, etc. to come together and be surrounded with people who have the same ambition and drive. This group of people has a high sense of pride of their backgrounds and are people who want to help push the Latin agenda forward to the forefront of the arts. Not only is Al Tun Tun a place where they can all come and celebrate life, but also as a place to progress, network, and ideate with other creatives.”

(A.Chal)(Jesse Baez)(Maria Camargo)

There is perhaps no more positive way to influence than through the arts. Al Tun Tun official events directly show representation at the most prestigious happenings in the US and thus vet the Latin impact on the overall culture. ATT held an event for Rodrigo Sorogoyen (Oscar-nominated for best live action short for Madre) at a private residence in the Hollywood Hills. For the Grammys, Al Tun Tun partnered with Broke Kids Music (Universal Music Latin Entertainment) to do an artist take over by two of their main artists. This year’s Coachella also saw ATT teaming with Remezcla (a large content site featuring Latin driven content) and Dos Equis beer to provide a day party during the festival. In Miami, ATT worked with Five Four Group (fashion company with many brands) to create their Art Basel experience. Of course, the modern day method of connection and marketing is social media. The power of the attendees at Al Tun Tun events is extraordinary in these regards. The names and number of followers they bring vet the power of Al Tun Tun and the Latin community. The include: Romeo Miller (singer/1.1 million followers), Taylor Hill (model/12.5 million followers), Oscar Casas (1.27 million followers), Sofia Reyes (singer/1.2 million followers), and a host of other actors, models, athletes, DJs, and influencers who bring a plethora of consumers with them. While the goal is not simple sales, the economic benefits are undeniable.

(Sofia Reyes)(Tainy/Guillermo Andrade)(Taylor Hill)

In the most benevolent of ways, Al Tun Tun has established a means of controlling the demeanor of the conversation that exists today. Instead of conflict, ATT has gathered a group of individuals who constantly communicate the positive and powerful influence of the members of the Latin community. By connecting these personalities with the public, ATT has further solidified the power of the Latin consumer, the younger demographic in particular. Al Tun Tun is a platform for them to learn, discover and meet products, content, people, and things; ultimately becoming THE destination for Latin culture and arts to this audience. Castellano confirms, “We’re evolving into a global platform which creates events and content that pushes the Latin conversation forward into all realms of media, arts, fashion, and much more. By impacting culture in many different places through different mediums, online and offline, we will be able to touch and affect global culture. We want to serve as a curator for the next generation of Latin artists and provide them many mediums to be able to showcase their art form.” Upcoming Al Tun Tun events will take place this year all over America, in cities such as Los Angeles, New York, Miami and Chicago, in addition to global activations in Latin America and Europe.

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