AInfinite.TV, a trailblazing platform, proudly announces the launch of the world’s first-ever 24/7 stream of AI-generated content. The platform seamlessly blends compelling AI-generated art and music to showcase innovative AI technology in the digital entertainment landscape.


Victoria, AUS, February 7, 2024— In a groundbreaking move that marks a paradigm shift in the digital entertainment landscape, AInfinite.TV (pronounced ‘A’ “Infinite TV”) is proud to announce the launch of the first-ever 24/7 stream of AI-generated content. This pioneering platform seamlessly blends art and music, harnessing cutting-edge technology with boundless creativity to deliver a mesmerising and continually evolving viewing experience.

AInfiniteTV offers a unique fusion of Endless AI Generated Music & Video on YouTube, via YouTube Live and on-demand videos.. The channel’s content is not merely a static playlist but an ever-changing tapestry of creativity, continually refreshed with new generations and remixed compositions. This dynamic approach ensures that no two viewing experiences are alike, presenting viewers with an endless array of visual and musical styles.

“With AInfiniteTV, we’re shattering the mould of passive entertainment,” declares Steve Mills, the platform’s creator. “Our platform throws open the doors to a universe of limitless visual and musical styles around the clock, crafted by AI and constantly remixed. No two viewing experiences will ever be the same – it’s like stepping into a portal of infinite creative expression.”

The platform is a collaborative effort with Steve Mills, a seasoned expert in pushing the boundaries of generative AI, partnering with a distinguished film and television producer/executive and generative content creator, and a notable creator talent agent to birth this Endless AI Generated Channel. Their combined expertise in both creative and business pursuits has laid the foundation for AInfiniteTV’s innovative approach to digital content.

“This is a game-changer for anyone seeking truly original and captivating content,” Steve Mills added. “Forget stale reruns and storylines. AInfiniteTV is a gateway to the future, where AI fueled creativity pushes boundaries and ignites your imagination.”

AInfiniteTV’s ambition extends beyond its initial launch, with plans to become a hub for AI enthusiasts and the AI curious, introducing a wider array of AI-related content in the near future. This includes exclusive interviews and discussions, AI industry news segments, AI-generated short films, and spotlight features showcasing the latest advancements in artificial intelligence.

From dawn to dusk and throughout the night, AInfiniteTV promises a continuous stream of 100% new and compelling visuals and music on demand. This venture marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of digital entertainment, inviting audiences to embrace the future of immersive and AI-driven content.

Tune in to AInfiniteTV’s 24/7 stream on YouTube and experience a continuous flow of mind-bending visuals and tunes that redefine the very essence of entertainment. Welcome to the future of entertainment.

About AInfinite.TV:

AInfinite.TV is the brainchild of Steve Mills, a trailblazer in pushing the boundaries of generative AI. Created in collaboration with a film and television producer/executive, and a notable creator talent agent, AInfiniteTV is committed to redefining entertainment through its pioneering 24/7 stream of AI-generated content. For more information, Follow Steve Mills on Twitter: SteveMills

Steve Mills is a digital marketing professional generative AI consultant from Melbourne, Australia. Steve runs, providing assistance to companies looking to integrate generative AI into their business processes.

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Organisation: AInfiniteTV

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Phone Number: 0407402011

Address: 16 Old Gembrook Rd Emerald, Victoria, Australia

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