Interactive quiz designed to help consumers explore new agave spirits like Tequila and Mezcal


Sydney, AUS, 5 October 2023— Agave Lux, an agave spirit importer and educator has created an artificial intelligence quiz to help consumers, bars and stockists choose agave spirits outside the realm of Tequila.

This innovative platform is a crucial step in expanding the agave category in Australia. Historically, the Australian market has only included Tequila, and usually only a limited range of mass-produced options. Agave Lux was conceived to educate consumers here about the true depth of the agave spirit market, and expose them to greater options.

“Co-founder of Agave Lux Justin Kosmina explains, “Agave spirits are unique and so little known here; it’s all about Tequila, but there’s actually so much more out there. We created Agave Lux to educate consumers in Australia that there’s more to the space than just Tequila.”

“We created this quiz to make the category of agave spirits less overwhelming. If someone is totally new to the world of agave, there’s no point asking whether they prefer Mezcal, Sotol or Raicilla – that means nothing to them. Instead we find out what they already like to drink, and how, and link that to an agave spirit they should try.” 

The quiz asks a series of questions about flavours, tastes, smoke levels and drinking styles, and even usage occasions, and feeds that information to an AI program to recommend an agave spirit the user might like.

For users who have never explored the world of agave spirits, or have only ever tried mass-produced Tequila, this quiz offers a simple entry point into Tequila, Mezcal, Raicilla, Sotol, Bacanora and much more. 

The quiz is also useful for bartenders and stockists who know what their customers already like, and want to be able to offer them something new and interesting. It can also help isolate agave spirits that have the right tasting notes for new cocktails or will pair well with certain foods.

“We’ve always led with education,” adds Justin. “Our focus is on sharing these incredible agave spirits with Australians and this quiz is just a new tool to help us do that.”

Try the agave quiz here.

About Agave Lux:

Agave Lux is a company that connects Australian consumers with the best quality Mexican spirits from a carefully curated network of independent producers who champion social sustainability , fairer trading and work conditions, along with considered environmental practices. 

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