AG Neovo is committed to designing digital display devices that answer multi-user and public places’ functional and aesthetic demands. It has launched the NSD-Series all-in-one 4K digital signage displays now available in the United States. These sophisticated displays embed an Intel SDM slot for the intel smart signage integration. It also has an Android operating system with a browser, PDF reader, and cloud-based digital signage software. Learn more here.


Taipei, Taiwan, 12 May 2022 — AG Neovo has launched the NSD-Series All-in-one 4K digital signage display to enhance the content display in commercial and corporate settings. These displays are embedded with an Android operating system (OS) to provide various methods for displaying written and video content. They can also integrate with Neovo Signage cloud content management system (CMS), bundled LAN-based software, media player, external USB drives, and other digital devices.

These high-end displays are suited for most public places, with their smooth and ultra-high audio and visual resolution qualities. And they both feature the AG Neovo patented ANTI-BURN-IN™ Technology to ensure 24/7 use.

“Our NSD-Series All-in-one 4K digital displays have smooth, ultra-high audio and visual resolution quality to offer users the best experience, with clean details and outstanding clarity. The display offers up to 8.3 million pixels to offer your viewers an unmatched viewing experience. Explore our NSD-Series products for your retail shop, restaurant, museum, art exhibition and other public space digital signage needs,” said Kaien Yang, Product Manager at AG Neovo.

The displays have an Android open-source platform that integrates with most third-party apps for a digital signage experience. Content managers don’t need to use external devices to transfer text and image files into the display to plan and execute their content. Moreover, they can manage multiple devices from a central point through the Neovo Signage cloud-based digital signage software.

“Embedded cloud-based digital signage software, Neovo Signage, allows you to manage multiple devices and instantly update content simply via web browsers anywhere, anytime. It also provides various dynamic and interactive signage apps. Using NSD-Series, you can create stunning messages for viewers anytime anywhere,” added Yang.

Both of the new displays, the NSD-4302 QH and the NSD-5502 QH, have an antiglare treatment to enhance content visibility under ambient light. Besides, the device can display content in portrait or landscape orientation, providing options for displaying side-by-side campaigns, promotional messages, and videos. It is perfect for restaurants, coffee shops, retail stores, departmental stores, and other public places.

These displays are ideal for corporate places and businesses that require coordinated content, such as banks, indoor arenas, and police departments. They are 43-inch or 55-inch display, offering 4K UHD displays with a bundled LAN-based content management software for instant messaging from a laptop or a computer. The embedded 4K media player makes it possible to play content from a USB drive, micro SD, or internal storage.

The connectivity with other multi-media devices is top-notch to offer flexible video source options. The display is also integrated with HDMI, DVI, and VGA inputs to connect to TV boxes, Android signage plates, and other third-party media players.

About AG Neovo: AG Neovo is a world-leading supplier of high-quality professional displays and accessories. Headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, the company is committed to providing products that answer multi-use and public environments’ functional and aesthetic demands. Its displays suit diverse public display needs such as hospitals, police stations, retail stores, museums, airports, and hotels.

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