Gift giving is an important part of life for people across the world. No matter where you’re from, this practice will almost certainly play a role in your culture, with birthdays being one of the most common reasons to bestow a gift. This isn’t a bad thing, and most people like to give and receive gifts, but it isn’t always an easy process. To help you out with this, this post will be working to show you some gift options which won’t take too much time or money, but will make the recipient feel great.



For most people, food is truly the key to their heart, and this makes chocolate an excellent starting point in this post. To make something like this worthy of being a gift to someone, you will need to find a way to make is special. There are loads of online chocolatiers which will provide custom chocolate gifts by post. You can have their recipient’s name written out, a basic piece of artwork, and even a box of chocolates made from all of their favourite sweet treats sent straight to their door. Having this customizability is rare when it comes to consumable goods.




There are a lot of occasions which call on flowers to be given as a gift. Weddings, funerals, and birthdays all have their own traditions surrounding flowers, and there are loads of other events which come with the same. Not only does this make it easier to choose the flowers you give, with examples like Mother’s Day requiring pink petals, but it also gives you the opportunity to give a very personal gift. Like chocolate, you can find flower delivery online. An online florist will usually only cover their local area, though, so you may need to do some research.




Unless your recipient is t-total, it’s likely that they will enjoy having a drink every now and then. There are few things better than sitting down with your favourite beverage knowing that someone you care about has given it to you. To make this a successful gift, you will have to work hard to find out what they like to drink, along with learning about the beverage itself to find a good example of it. This can be a complicated market to step into, but websites like Amazon are making it simpler, offering next day delivery and gift-wrapping with most of their products.


Arts & Crafts


For some people, living without an active hobby or project on the go will feel wrong. Most people have something creative which they enjoy throwing their time into, whether it’s painting, knitting, or something very different, and this provides an opportunity to give a gift which will be unique and personal. While you will have to invest time into this, it will be doing something you enjoy, and this should make it far easier to apply yourself properly. You will never be able to customise a product as much as something you’ve made yourself.




In a lot of cases, a memory or a story can be far more powerful than any physical gift. People love to do things with the people they care about, and will often value time like this far more than anything else you can give them. Finding experience days has gotten easier over the last few years. Many companies offering the opportunity to have once-in-a-lifetime experiences have popped up over the last few years. Imagine sending the person you care about for a day of racing or handling birds of prey; this gift is something which most people will love, and you don’t have to spend much time on it at all.


A Surprise Party


As you get older, things like birthday parties stop holding so much significance. As each year passes, you will be reminded of your age, and the event will pass by with little notice. Just imagine how it would feel to have all of your best friends surprise you on a day like this. Of course, you can’t orchestrate your own surprise party, as this would defeat the purpose of it. You can give this gift to someone else, though, and the set up process doesn’t have to be too challenging. The Internet provides you with both the resources and the communication tools you need to bring a large group together.


Gifts To Avoid


There are loads of different gift options which can be tempting when you’re limited by time and money. A lot of these are worth avoiding, though, either because they don’t seem very thoughtful, or often cause recipients issues once they’ve got their hands on them. Keeping a receipt is all well and good, but forcing the person you’ve given an item to to take it back will be unfair.


Clothing/Shoes: Items like clothing and shoes can often be tempting, as you already know which styles they like. Sizing is often inconsistent with products like this, though, and this makes it hard to know whether or not something will fit unless they’ve tried it on.


Gift Vouchers: Most stores offer some sort of gift credit, nowadays. Coming in the form of a gift card, these products can feel very fitting when you’re struggling to find something. In reality, though, even if you pick their favourite store, this sort of gift simply won’t feel thoughtful.


Regifting: When you receive a gift you don’t want, it can often put you in a tight spot, and a lot of people hold onto items like this for a long time. It can be tempting to pass items like this along, giving them as a gift to someone else. In reality, though, it is easy to get caught doing this, and this will make everyone feel bad.


Gift giving has long been a crucial part of human society, and it isn’t likely to disappear anytime soon. Of course, though, this doesn’t make it any easier to find items to give to those you care about, with a lot of people struggling to find the perfect gift. Being creative is the single most critical part of an approach like this.