Affirm Wellness International Beauty Institute, a wellness association that promotes healthy regimens for hair, skin, and nail care by providing continuing education services to licensed Cosmetology professionals, in conjunction with EM Corporate Solutions, announce the 2020 Affirm Wellness International Beauty Institute’s Advance Beauty and Business Training, a professional training designed for cosmetologists, estheticians, and nail technicians.


Columbia, SC, March 9, 2020 – Affirm Wellness International Beauty Institute, in conjunction with EM Corporate Solutions, proudly announce the 2020 Affirm Wellness International Beauty Institute’s Advance Beauty and Business Training, specially designed for the cosmetologist, esthetician, and nail technician.

This innovative workshop has been specially developed for beauty and wellness professionals and combines a five-day, four-night cruise in the Bahamas with advanced beauty and business training, thereby allowing attendees to mix business with pleasure. While onboard, you will have the joy of learning advance beauty techniques while at the same time taking in breathtaking views of the Caribbean.

With a full range of topics scheduled, as well as time set aside for downtime and relaxation, this will be the professional cruise to book in 2020. The planned topics include Ethics: Updates, Health, Safety, and Sanitation, covering the legal and health and safety issues around these critical subjects. There will also be interactive, hands-on, advanced training sessions explicitly dedicated to the Cosmetologist, Esthetician, and Skin and Nail Technician.

In addition to skills training, there will be additional training on how to manage the business aspect of your work. Sessions focused on the business management aspect will include techniques and methods for obtaining more clients in general, and specific plans for attracting and maintaining an increased number of professional clients, including doctors, attorneys, and dentists. There will be a session on how to start and sustain corporate credit and another on methods and techniques for increasing your weekly income by a thousand dollars.

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Limited space is available for the 2020 Affirm Wellness International Beauty Institute’s Advance Beauty and Business Training; therefore, reservations are currently being taken on a first-come, first-served basis. To book your place, please call (833) 253-5287 now, or visit them on their website at

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