The Ad-tech startup is changing how businesses bid for ad space through a next-generation bidding platform that is free from bias. Publishers will take control of their auctions and visualize all the bidding dynamics through an easy-to-use yet powerful bid landscape. To learn more, click here.


USA, December 4, 2021— Programmatic advertising helps companies and e-commerce businesses target their campaigns to the right audience on a specified budget. It uses artificial intelligence and real-time bidding to place an advert in front of the prospective buyers likely to click on a campaign link. However, the dynamics of programmatic advertising, including bidding platforms, the bidding process, and biased competition, continue to be a huge hindrance to businesses looking to get a return on investment from their marketing campaigns.

Aequus has launched a next-generation bidding platform that will change how businesses acquire ad space. The platform is the future of programmatic advertisement and is free from demand bias. Through this platform, publishers will drive increased competition for every impression their campaign makes.

Digital advertising has overtaken traditional advertising with the development in technology and easily-accessible internet connection. More businesses are tapping on the programmatic advertising advantages to put their business out there and drive more sales. These advantages include:

  • The adverts are more efficient because they target the right audience
  • Programmatic advertising saves on costs in the long run
  • Businesses can optimize their campaign to appear on sites where their target audience frequents
  • This kind of advertising allows business owners to advertise on many networks
  • Targeted campaigns are displayed across devices

Aequus has built its platform from the publisher’s point of view and uses tools that will help business owners add efficiencies to their campaigns. In return, campaigns will yield more sales and return on investment (ROI). The firm does this through a mediation model to help businesses bid for ad-space from publishers without bias. 

“Aequus is the industry’s first mediation as a service (MaaS) model with a hundred percent subscription costs. There are no hidden costs or blind revenue shares cutting your ad revenue. The existing freemium pricing models generate margins through blind revenue shares taken from their demand. This creates inherent biases to ensure their demand has the best chance to secure the ad space. We are here to fix this and keep you happy,” explained Elizabeth Kantor, Director of business development and client services at Aequus.

The publisher advertising software is designed with the publishers’ needs to ensure they maximize their ad revenue for a good return on ROI.

“We built Aequus from the ground up from our experience in the digital advertising industry. Our team has decades of experience in the industry on both the publisher and demand sides. We believe the current marketplace is broken, and we are going to fix it,” added Elizabeth Kantor.

About Aequus: Aequus is a next-generation and mediation platform built for app developers and publishers. It was founded by a team of Adtech industry veterans who advocate for neutrality, transparency, and openness in the programmatic advertisement. The platform replaces questionable blind revenue share pricing with a SaaS-based structure that makes every publisher happy and satisfied with the ROI from ads.

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