Aequilibrium is an award-winning digital service and consulting provider out of Vancouver, BC. They’re known for speed, agility, and expertise.


Vancouver, BC, 5 April 2022— Aequilibrium is an award-winning digital solutions company out of Vancouver, BC that helps you thrive in a digital world through the expertise of its software developers, UX designers, cloud strategists and automation engineers. At Aequilibrium they’re known for their speed, agility, and expertise. Speed for how they accelerate your project delivery and drive fast outcomes, agility for how they adapt to your unique needs, and expertise for how their digital experts get spot-on results you can shout from the rooftops.

Since 2012, they’ve used digital technologies and innovation to help progressive companies become more resilient, stand out, and grow, specializing in digital transformations for fintech, healthcare, retail, hi-tech and public sector industries.

At their digital consulting agency, you’ll find knowledgeable consultants standing by to offer the best advice for your next projects. They can define strategies for any kind of initiative, like implementations, modernizations, or total digital transformations, by offering three specific services:

  1. Platform and Integration Strategy: their multidisciplinary teams can consult or build custom strategies and proof of concepts, drawing from our partnerships and expertise in several digital platforms.
  2. Technology Strategies: They create 360-degree digital strategies that consider all areas of the business and enable technological transformations, implementations, and modernizations.
  3. Architecture and Governance: Their software architecture and governance experts bring everything together to find the right technology structures to meet business goals. They use a combination of microservices, containers, cloud-native, serverless, headless, and API technologies for the best possible architectural patterns.

Aequilibrium also offers custom XR app design and development since their dedicated XR professionals are ready to build virtual experiences to meet your precise customizations. There, you’ll find offered services on:

  1. Custom XR App Design and Development: Their XR designers and developers can create any kind of space however you want to use it.
  2. VR Environments for Learning and Development: Their experts build VR training environments that can improve learning retention and let employees build muscle memory by practising real-life physical movements.
  3. VR Agile Project Management Apps: Their team of designers and developers can create environments to facilitate Agile ceremonies, visualize progress, and encourage engagement. 

At Aequilibrium, they can create entire virtual worlds to instantly bring your team to the same room and enable VR training to let new members practice in a risk-free environment. With XR, the possibilities are endless.

As its name says, they like to bring the perfect balance of strategy, design, and technology to create digital products that offer real business and customer value. Their focus is always on the people behind the product; that’s why they deliver remarkable experiences not just to their clients but to their client’s clients, customers, members, and beyond. Every time they have a new project, they like to keep themselves curious and with their minds open, experimenting, testing, learning and adapting faster than the competition.

Find out more about their top-quality services at and let them help you to thrive in the digital world.

Contact Info:

Organization: Aequilibrium
Address: Vancouver, BC V6C 1T2, #1300 – 409 Granville St.
Phone: +1 877 231-9422