Advance Microblading, a permanent make-up education and technique academy, is featuring its founder, Katie Dang, as one of the most sought-after microblading artists in the Midwest. The microblading and PMU technique is quickly becoming the most popular cosmetic method of enhancing self-confidence and natural beauty. Katie Dang is one of the most requested cosmetic technicians and has dedicated her practice to sharing her expertise and experience with prospective students in the fine art of microblading.


Plainfield, IL, August 21, 2020 – Local Illinois microblading and permanent make-up education and technique academy, Advance Microblading, is currently featuring its founder, Katie Dang, for her impressive approach to the PMU industry and years of leading experience. As one of the fastest-growing cosmetic methods of enhancing self-confidence and natural beauty, Advance Microblading teaches young adults and students the art of semi-permanent cosmetic improvements. Katie Dang is one of the most requested cosmetic technicians in the midwest and has dedicated her life and practice to educating prospective students in this precise industry with her expertise and years of experience. 

Many clients and technicians have greatly benefited from microblading and permanent make-up techniques as it is a manual method that uses a “fine blade to deposit pigments into the epidermis,” opposed to traditional hair stroke techniques. Typically, microblading focuses on strengthening and improving eyebrows and facial hair. But, with Katie’s advanced techniques, she incorporates ombre styles and shading that gives the hair a more natural and profound look. For more information about Katie’s techniques, please visit

About Advance Microblading: After moving to the United States with her family, Katie Dang learned the value of hard work at a young age. She soon developed and showed extreme artistic skills that eventually lead her to open her first beauty salon in 2008. Dang began to travel the world learning new cosmetic techniques and the art of microblading and PMU, eventually becoming one of the most sought after microblading artists in the world! In 2015, Katie opened Advance Microblading with the help of her teachers and legal team, and now dedicates her time and passions in microblading training to young adults and prospective students that share the same values. 

Katie currently travels across the United States teaching classes on microblading techniques and advancements to ultimately solidify her goal of helping other students become great cosmetic artists! As the microblading and PMU technique becomes increasingly more popular among clients, it is also incredibly beneficial. Clients who experience alopecia, a “condition that causes hair loss,” find that microblading greatly enhances their eyebrows for a more refined and fuller look that they otherwise would not achieve. The process, although precise, is only a two-step process with recommended touch-ups four to six weeks after. It is incredibly important that clients understand their skin and hair types as the technique works differently for everyone and to know that there is no such thing as perfect eyebrows. The trained and certified technicians at Advance Microblading are trained as the best of the best and are committed to providing the best quality care and customer cosmetic experience to achieve the “absolute best outcome possible.” For more information about microblading and the PMU process, please visit

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