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Are you looking into adding curb appeal to your New England home? Here at Coastal Windows & Exteriors, we closely follow trends to give you the freshest and most modern home. When adding curb appeal it helps boosts property value, makes your home more attractive, and it can even improve the quality of your home! These are the latest curb appeal trends to know in New England.

Brightening Up Entryways with Fiberglass Entry Doors

Flexible in aesthetics, fiberglass entry doors are a top choice for homeowners all throughout New England. Although traditional wood doors are beautiful, they present problems such as high maintenance requirements. Fiberglass is a fantastic alternative since it looks like real wood but requires no maintenance at all.

Furthermore, fiberglass is best for adding curb appeal because it provides your entryway with the exact amount of personal touch that you need. For adding curb appeal with new fiberglass entry door replacement, consider the following style ideas and trends:

  • Add allure with glass and wood stain combination: Decorative glass against wood-stained fiberglass doors adds a dazzling effect to your curb appeal. The decorative design on the glass also ensures that you don’t sacrifice privacy, blocking out prying eyes and instantly boosting curb appeal.
  • Unique paint color choices: Homeowners are beginning to buck trends when it comes to front door colors. You’ll find door colors ranging from lime green to lemon yellow. With our front door replacement, you can choose any color in the Sherwin Williams color catalog!
  • Weather resistant materials: Fiberglass is weather and moisture resistant, giving a huge advantage against a traditional wood entry door. This material will not rot or peel! Our hand-applied and electrostatic paint process keeps your door looking beautiful for life.adding curb appeal

Other entryway trends include unique house style numbers, interesting plant containers in various sizes and textures, and beautiful hardware selections for entry doors.

Enhancing New England Architecture with Window Replacement

We are so lucky to have so many variations of home styles here in New England. Replacement windows help enhance the traditional beauty of our region with many shapes and styles to choose from. These are a few of the trends for adding curb appeal with windows:

  • Clean lines: Many of New England’s traditional home styles are symmetrical. That’s why choosing windows with clean lines keeps the traditional look and feel of New England architecture alive. Think of windows such as double hung and casement which blend beautifully with most homes in our region.
  • Large windows with expansive glass: If you have a beautiful view of New England landscaping, windows with large portions of glass are one of the top ways for adding curb appeal. It gives homes a very modern appearance and increases natural sunlight into your space.
  • Vinyl windows: A popular alternative to wood, vinyl windows provide a maintenance-free addition to your curb appeal. Our vinyl windows are available in an array of exterior paint color options ranging from rosewood to black. Vinyl is nearly non-porous so it will not require painting or staining over the years to keep it looking fresh.Replacement windows in Stoneham MA

Consider the small details with your windows when adding curb appeal. Window grid options come in many choices such as colonial, diamond, and craftsman. Window boxes are another quaint idea for sprucing up the appearance of your windows and curb appeal.

Pack a Punch with Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding installation is a popular choice in New England due to its highly flexible design. Coastal Windows & Exteriors offers all of the most modern choices for instantly adding curb appeal! These are the top trends for vinyl siding in New England:

  • Weathered wood siding: One of the most popular trends in our region right now, weathered wood siding brings texture and depth to your home. Our weathered wood siding is ultra-realistic in appearance, providing a hand-split appearance just like original wood shakes.
  • Rich and natural colors: Deep and earthy hues are incredible for adding curb appeal including colors such as deep red, forest green, and charcoal grey.
  • Mixing dark and light colors: Light trim with dark siding, or vice versa, is a bold choice that highlights the beautiful architecture of your New England home.Image of wood vinyl siding project

Try mixing siding types such as traditional panels and vinyl scallops. Blending styles adds dimension and texture to your exterior. Vinyl siding is the eco-friendly solution for achieving the traditional appearance of wood siding.

Stay on Trend with Coastal Windows & Exteriors

We’re the experts for adding curb appeal to New England homes! For your free consultation and quote, contact John Hanlon at [email protected].

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