Addiction treatment programs

Addiction Treatment Programs Overview

Lucida offers mental health and addiction treatment programs in Lantana, Florida. All of our programs offer a highly effective combination of evidence-based and alternative therapies, delivered by an experienced team of clinical and medical professionals.

Looking for expert treatment in a healing environment? Explore some of the options for addiction treatment programs offered at Lucida Treatment Center.These five people sitting in the chairs are participating in addiction treatment programs.

Mental Health Treatment Programs

We host a mental health treatment center in Lantana, Florida with gender-specific programs for men and women. Our programs address depression, bipolar disorder, and trauma as well as drug or alcohol addiction. We also offer treatment for co-occurring disorders. Clients receive a high level of individualized care that includes an EMDR therapy program and other traditional and trauma-focused therapies, with guidance from licensed, specially trained therapists and an experienced medical team.

Addiction Treatment Programs In Lantana, Florida

Recognizing that emotional problems can lead to addiction, our program treats men and women who have an addiction and co-occurring mental health issues. This program offers highly individualized treatment, a family program, and expert psychiatric care in a private, luxurious setting. Designed for individuals who prefer an alternative to traditional 12-Step programs, treatment includes both SMART Recovery® and a Lantana, Florida non-12-Step recovery program.

Holistic and Alternative Treatment Programs

To supplement our mental health and addiction treatment programs, we offer a number of holistic and alternative treatment programs. These programs include:

Although holistic and other alternative types of treatments are no replacement for medical assistance, they can help expedite the road to recovery. These therapies allow clients to focus their energy on positive pursuits. Such therapies also redirect attention from negative activities, including negative thinking, self-loathing, and substance abuse.

A Typical Day

At Lucida mental health and drug rehab, we tailor our addiction therapy programs to fit your needs. Each client’s treatment plan is unique, but all clients’ days consist of program attendance and participation.

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At Lucida Treatment Center, we only want you to recover from your mental health issue or addiction safely and comfortably. Our compassionate staff of experts is waiting to help you achieve the sustainable recovery that you need through our addiction treatment programs.

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