ADAenabled provides a quick and inexpensive tool that makes your organization’s site ADA compliant!  ADAenabled’s accessibility tool benefits your company’s SEO, opens your client base, and helps protect from ADA related lawsuits. Recently, ADAenabled helped a newly launched company, NOFTU, to ensure visitors of all abilities could use their site.  


Branson, MO, October 6, 2020 – Local Missouri website and business technology solutions company ADAenabled: A Service of Jonesen, offers a quick and inexpensive tool that makes your organization’s website compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act.  Companies using ADAenabled ensure they capitalize on every opportunity to connect with their users, which has considerable benefits for SEO, expanding your client base, and protecting against unwanted possible ADA lawsuits. 

Recently, ADAenabled partnered with Bill Menzel, the owner of NOFTU. An acronym that stands for No Fetus Tissue Used, NOFTU advocates for human lives and is an active participant in several organizations such as Operation Rescue, March for Life, National Right to Life News, and so much more. Becoming ADA compliant has allowed the newly launched company to expand their message and mission to reach more people. Menzel chose to partner with ADAenabled because he wanted to make sure visitors of all abilities could use his site and to make sure he was not a prime target for lawsuits against non-ADA compliance. As part of his testimony to ADAenabled, Menzel states he is “grateful to ADAenabled and Jonesen for making my site ADA compliant. Not only was the process simple and affordable, but now I have the peace of mind knowing that users of all abilities have easy access to my site and business.”  To learn more about the meaningful work NOFTU is doing, visit them at

ADAenabled is proud to be a company that saves businesses time and money with an easy-to-use and easy-to-install solution that ensures ADA compatibility and has benefitted the continued growth of NOFTU. For more information about the services, ADAenabled offers, please visit

About ADAenabled: ADAenabled, a company that is dedicated to serving your business and website needs through ADA enabled technology.  ADAenabled makes the process of creating an ADA compliant website quick and cost-efficient.  With the ADAenabled tool, your business’s website will access a greater client base, boost your site’s SEO, and help protect against lawsuits.

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