Daily living

As we age, we all suffer changes to how we function in daily living. But through the right support and care, what seems lost can improve over time. In many ways, fulfilling activities of daily living (ADLs) help us maintain some independence and control over our elder years. At the same time, when we cannot manage for ourselves anymore, we need the right level of support.

Learn more about activities of daily living and what your loved one needs through senior assisted living services Utah. Through activities of daily living Salt Lake City and other assisted living activities, your beloved relative or friend can flourish for years to come.

What are activities of daily living Salt Lake City?

A phrase you hear when considering assisted living for your loved one is “activities of daily living.” Activities of daily living are the key life tasks anyone needs to fulfill, to live a healthy daily life on their own. When aging adults suffer problems with their ADLs, they need assistance, such as through a caregiver or assisted living program.

Most people do not lose all of their ability at once, to manage activities of daily living Salt Lake City. Instead, these capabilities decrease over time. For some, mobility is the first ADL lost to age or injury. For others, simple things like opening cans of food, driving or cooking meals start taking away their ability to manage their lives on their own.

Losing these skills is stressful and extremely frustrating for many. As a family member or friend, it often takes time to realize how much someone else struggles to manage their own daily needs. But these lost ADLs and how much a person can manage on their own helps experts understand what level of help they truly require.

Activities of Daily Living

The most basic ADLs include:

  • Walking and getting around home and outside of the house
  • Feeding oneself
  • Dressing and grooming oneself
  • Toileting
  • Bathing or showering
  • Transferring from one body position to another

When people start losing their ability to fulfill activities of daily living Salt Lake City, the loss usually progresses slowly over time. Or they suffer injury or disease and rapidly lose one or more of these abilities.

Levels of loss of these skills start with needing simple reminders to fulfill activities of daily living Salt Lake City. Others need stand-by assistance from a caring person, to help in case of problems during the activity. Still more people need assistance at multiple points in activity fulfillment, from preparing for and completing one activity from start-to-finish, to managing all aspects of daily life.

However your loved one loses these skills, their inabilities help you understand what assisted living activities they require. They also help doctors understand your loved one’s health, both physically and cognitively. At the same time, these losses show what type of facility can provide the assisted living activities your relative or friend needs for continued wellness.

Living Well in Aging, at Multiple Levels of Assisted Living Activities

No two people live the same lives. In the same way, no two people age the same. We each go through our own changes at our own paces.

This proves why assisted living facilities must provide multiple levels of care. Otherwise, people needing greater help with assisted living activities suffer without enough support. Or, those needing less help suffer from too much lost independence.

Millcreek Meadows in Salt Lake City provides 30 luxury boutique assisted living residences for aging adults needing various levels of assisted living activities. Aging adults enjoy a relaxed and dignified lifestyle at Millcreek Meadows, with an array of services and amenities that include:

  • Level I and level II assisted living
  • ADLs assistance
  • Gourmet dining program
  • Butler service and emergency call systems
  • Exercise classes, exercise room and health services
  • Housekeeping and laundry
  • Recreation, hair salon, transportation and social services

Thanks to Millcreek Meadows, both you and your aging loved one rest easy knowing they enjoy the independence and support they need through a custom approach. Without worry over activities of daily living, each of you simply enjoy your time together. Call Millcreek Meadows now at 801.456.8700 to learn more about luxury Salt Lake City, Utah assisted living.