(Elbridge, New York) Acrolite, Inc. is proud to announce the expanded capabilities of fiber optic bundle assemblies. These new capabilities provide superior results for a variety of projects.

The newest OEM fiber optic bundles available are designed to move high-intensity light from one point to the next. It can be designed as a single bundle, having multiple legs, or meet specific geometric requirements. Each configuration may be developed to meet the needs of a client’s particular process or product need.

“At Acrolite, Inc., we work with OEM and industrial customers to manufacture custom configurations of various bundled assemblies for a wide array of Fiber Optic and photonics systems,” stated Acrolite, Inc. spokesperson Heather Moore. “Our solutions are now found in a wide array of laser-powered delivery and optical sensing applications for research, military, and medical applications.”

The bundled assemblies offered by Acrolite, Inc. include an assortment of pre-made and custom bundle options. Some examples include single input and multiple outputs to distribute the high energy laser illumination to multiple points; connecting a cable between a high-power xenon light source and surgical headlamps; providing specialized lighting for dental handpieces; and illumination for batch testing of pharmaceutical devices.

“Our goal is to provide the fiber optic bundled assemblies needed for any application with custom solutions that meet specific project specifications,” continued Moore. “Anyone interested in the bundled assemblies we have available can learn more about these options by calling us directly. The Acrolite glass fiber we use is much more consistent and has proven more reliable than similarly priced fiber alternatives.  In addition, we pride ourselves to create the longest lasting of all the products available today.”

Additional information about Acrolite, Inc. products and solutions can be found by visiting the Acrolite, Inc. website or by contacting the staff via phone (315-689-1428) or email ([email protected]).


Acrolite, Inc. was founded in 1994 to service medical and industrial needs as an OEM manufacturer of fiber optic lighting and sensing systems and assemblies. Acrolite is a reliable strategic partner for fiber optic lighting and sensing to OEM manufacturers by providing fiber optic solutions engineered to meet highly technical customer requirements as well as fiber optic machine inspection. Acrolite manufactures high transmission glass fiber for inclusion in industrial and commercial illumination and sensing. Acrolite creates custom fiber optic assemblies in a custom bundle for optical lighting, power delivery, sensing optics, and system applications.

“Acrolite, Inc. is proud to announce the Certification of their Quality Management System to ISO:13485:2016 standard.  Developing our QMS to align with these standards has been an ongoing effort to ensure we are continuously improving our capabilities to meet the needs of our customers.  We are committed to providing quality high transmitting fiber optic products, custom assemblies, sensing and photonic devices with quality processes and customer satisfaction as our highest priority,” said Matt Drake, President. He goes on to say, “This achievement would not have been possible without the dedication of our Quality team as well as the commitment from our experienced manufacturing staff.  Every member of our team has contributed to setting a high standard, which allowed us to achieve this certification.” 

Media Contact
Heather Moore
Elbridge, New York
[email protected]