New York, July 19, 2022— Accountability in Healthcare (AIH), a confidential association of scientists, physicians, researchers, and concerned citizens committed to protecting the health of patients in the U.S. and beyond, today announced that is urging medical and medical software development professionals to provide it with information about potential liabilities in healthcare quality management systems that are currently being used in U.S. and overseas laboratories and hospitals.  

AIH is already aware of at least one widely used quality control software product that allows administrators to conceal or manipulate vital records without any record of their doing so. That potentially dangerous product is perfectly legal in the U.S. under current laws, leading to cases of false accreditation in healthcare settings. That’s the problem, AIH says. 

“AIH was founded by a group of whistleblowers in the healthcare industry who are alarmed by the capabilities of at least one quality management system that’s widely vulnerable to misuse,” said AIH spokesman Bill O’Reilly. “After more than a year of research, we’ve learned that an industry that should be super-tightly regulated is, in fact, wide open to potential abuse. We fear this may just be the tip of the iceberg and are asking industry professionals to report their concerns to us. All information shared with AIH will be held in strict confidence. 

“Healthcare has drastically improved in recent decades, largely because of quality control management systems,” Mr. O’Reilly continued. “Data clearly show that following best-practice procedures is critical to saving lives. But at least one software product now proliferating in U.S. hospitals and pathology clinics appears to allow unsafe practices, and that should be deeply concerning to everyone.” 

AIH said that hospital and laboratory professionals, as well as those working in the medical quality control industry, can share information through a private AIH website reporting link here. For more about AIH and our mission, please click here. On the AIH website, you can also read up on senate bill s9060

About AIH:

Accountability in Healthcare is an organization comprised of scientists, physicians, researchers, and concerned citizens committed to protecting the health and safety of patients in the U.S. and beyond. We are focused on ensuring the highest level of excellence in U.S. hospitals and laboratories.

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