Acacia Wood USA, an acacia wood crafting company that specializes in kitchen and dining furniture and accessories, is releasing a new line of acacia wood tables! Each item made by the sustainable company is handcrafted and environmentally friendly. Acacia Wood USA is highly rated by customers for their excellent craftsmanship and reliable woodworking. 


United States, August 6, 2020 – Online sustainable acacia wood furniture and accessories company, Acacia Wood USA, is releasing a new product line of acacia wood tables! All tables are handcrafted in Thailand using sustainable acacia wood and is hand-oiled to finish to create a truly one-of-a-kind table for a home or business. Items found on the e-commerce site are all environmentally friendly and crafted to perfection which are sure to compliment any home decor.

The all-natural company features an array of home items and accessories such as custom acacia wood tables, tailored to the customers wishes, cutting and slicing boards, lazy suzans, acacia wood salad bowls, side tables, and much more! Acacia Wood USA is proud to craft materials from the acacia wood because of its “distinctive grain styling,” its ability to “capture and store carbon and nitrogen emissions,” and its durable and sustainable characteristics. Because of its pragmatic uses, the acacia wood from the acacia tree is extremely popular, making it the perfect source for aesthetically pleasing and eco-friendly hardware. For more information about the acacia tree and its uses, please visit

About Acacia Wood USA: Acacia Wood USA offers distinctive kitchen and dining furniture and accessories that are expertly crafted from sustainable acacia wood. The company began crafting home items from the wood due to the multiple uses the acacia tree has to offer. Due to its ability to grow in various climates, the acacia tree has grown immensely popular across the world for its size, ability to capture ‘greenhouse gasses like nitrogen and oxygen,” and its functionality to be molded, shaped, and crafted into furniture, flooring, kitchen and dining essentials, and even essential oils, skincare products, and perfumes.  

The tree’s durability is why Acacia Wood USA has released their newest product line of handcrafted tables. With the ability to be custom made, the team of expert wood workers take time and care into each table that is built in order to ensure a quality masterpiece and quality service. Each table is particularly unique and can be made with epoxy resin to add a splash of color or dignified characteristics to make the furniture the centerpiece of any room. 

It is important to note, however, that although the wood is intrinsically beautiful, it is required that the wood be properly taken care of to ensure longevity. Acacia Wood USA recommends that owners of the wood are sure to hand wash and rinse thoroughly with warm water then dry with a rag or set out to air dry. To enhance the natural beauty of the wood, owners can also apply mineral oil, wax, or wood preservative. Lastly, owners should be sure not to place the wood in direct sunlight as the direct rays diminish the wood over time. For more information about how to care for your acacia wood, please visit

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