USA, August 17, 2020: Acacia wood is becoming more popular among homeowners because it’s durable and makes for beautiful wood flooring.

Acacia wood flooring is especially beneficial for heavy-use furniture pieces, such as dining tables.

Another reason why more homeowners are choosing acacia wood flooring is that the flooring will last for decades with the right maintenance. But homeowners should only buy their acacia wood flooring from high-quality vendors.

Acacia Wood USA is the perfect example. They not only offer solid acacia wood flooring but also make dining and kitchen furniture plus accessories, all made out of the best quality acacia wood.

What makes great acacia wood flooring? Homeowners will want to focus on wood appearance and strength.

The most striking aspect of acacia wood is its distinctive graining. It’s not only visually appealing but acacia wood flooring stands out. Colors vary from light brown to dark brown, and there are acacia wood flooring options in reddish auburn.

Many homeowners love acacia wood flooring because it gives a home a warming and rustic charm.

Acacia wood flooring hardness varies between 1700 and 2220. This means acacia wood is very durable. It can handle lots of pressure, foot traffic, and doesn’t dent easily. Acacia wood flooring also has different thickness levels. The thicker the wood flooring, the longer it will last.

Acacia hardwood flooring is also popular because it’s easy to maintain. Most homeowners only need to mop hardwood flooring once a week with water — no special cleaners are necessary. You can easily sweep up any dirt that’s accumulated on the floor. Don’t worry — the floor doesn’t get scratched easily from the dirt. Refinishing extends the life of acacia wood flooring. Fortunately, most homeowners don’t need to worry about this for about ten years.

Acacia wood flooring also has benefits over other types of woods. For example, acacia wood is also fire-resistant and anti-bacterial. For homeowners that are concerned about the environment, they will be happy to know that acacia wood is environmentally sustainable. That’s because it grows rapidly and doesn’t require pesticides, extra watering, pesticides, or fertilizers. In addition, acacia wood absorbs carbon and nitrogen emissions, benefitting the environment even more.

Since acacia wood lasts for years, this is a popular wood that’s refurbished and salvaged. That’s exactly what brands such as Acacia Wood USA do. Acacia Wood can be used to make tables, cutting boards, napkin holders, and more.

About the Company: Acacia Wood USA sells sustainable acacia wood flooring, furniture, and accessories. They offer products for the kitchen, dining room, and other home accessories. All items are made with environmentally-friendly acacia wood and all furniture and décor pieces are handmade.

This company also aims to produce the most unique products by finding the most versatile acacia wood with striking graining designs. Acacia Wood USA also promises to produce the most durable wood that will last for years. All acacia wood is harvested from Thailand.

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