A Simple Guide to Designing a Beach HousePhoto by Hayden Dunsel

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Are you looking to design the beach house of your dreams?

Well, you’ve probably got a lot of different ideas flying around your head. You might have been to friends’ beach houses or seen really nice beach houses on TV. So, it can be hard to boil all that information down and just come up with the right design.

That’s why we’ve compiled this handy guide on the essentials of beach house design.

So, let’s cover the main points of designing a beach house that you will love for decades to come!

1. Make the Most of Views

If you want to design a beach house that impresses you day in and day out, you need to make the most of your views. For many beach houses, this will simply mean installing large windows facing the beach.

But not all beach houses have beachfront views. You can also use your window designs to capture wooded areas, hills, or cliffs.

Whatever you do, though, make sure you don’t build up walls that remove your house from the environment it is in.

2. Make the Most of Sunlight

Another aspect of having a beach house is keeping your home warm and bright. For this, you need to make sure that you are designing your house so that it can make the most of natural sunlight.

Before you build, you need to work out how you want to orientate your house on your block. Think about where the sun will rise, where it will fall, and what part of your home it will fall on for the majority of the day.

One of the main reasons you want your beach house to make use of natural sunlight is that it creates a more beautiful living environment. But it’s important to remember that optimizing natural sunlight will actually help your home become greener.

Your impact on the environment will be lesser and you will save some of the strain on your wallet too!

3. Laidback Internal Design

The best beach house designs are usually those that focus on casual, relaxed living. So, you want to make sure that you use neutral colors and organic building materials.

Think about what type of furniture you want to have and what sort of lifestyle it will help in promoting. Do you have a place to read a book or to take in the sun? Maybe go for these options over a television chair!

Lastly, you want to ensure you have some nice beach house artwork on the walls to really give your beach house that homely feel. You can check out Lasonio Fine Art for some beautiful designs that will really lift the profile of your wall.

Make Your Beach House Your Own

When we are designing a beach house, we can often fall into the trap of trying to build a house that fits all the expectations other people might have. Of course, you can do this.

But the beach house that you are going to get the most out of for years to come is going to be the one that you design according to your tastes and preferences. So, gather ideas, but make sure your personality provides the final say.

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