Holiday Survival Guide for Beating Stress

A Holiday Survival Guide for Beating Stress This Season

For many people, the holiday season is one of the best times of the year.

However, even with all the joy and excitement, things can get pretty hectic and overwhelming.

There are lots more tasks to do on top of the responsibilities you already have in your everyday life. And family tends to need more of your time and attention.

All these factors combined can turn you into a ball of anxiety, but there are ways to handle these extra feelings the right way. Check out this holiday survival guide for beating stress this season.

Write To-Do Lists

When the holidays roll around, it feels like the number of duties you normally have to do has just tripled.

There are gifts to buy, homes to decorate, and delicious food to cook for a large number of people.

But between all these seasonal tasks, you still need to keep up with your everyday life.

One of the best ways to make sure you don’t start to lose your mind while you’re preparing is to keep daily to-do lists. Write down everything that needs to be done the night before and look at it when you wake up. Be sure to check things off throughout the day to keep up with everything you’ve actually accomplished.

Using organization techniques in this holiday survival guide will help to relieve stress. You can also find plenty of to-do lists apps to get things done easily right from your phone.

Stick to a Budget

One of the most important tips in the holiday survival guide is dedicated to financial health.

Getting caught up in the shimmering lights and yuletide carols can land you in major debt. You’ll want to buy everything that looks and makes you feel good.

It’s essential to create a budget and stick to it. List all the people you’re going to buy gifts for and fit them into the desired amount you’d like to spend. Remember, the season is about being thoughtful, so you don’t always have to break the bank.

Also, consider decorations and food into your budget to be sure everything is covered.

Update your budget every day to keep track of spending and to avoid going over. If you do need some extra cash and have some spare time on your hands, consider starting a holiday side hustle.

Create Clear Boundaries

Family and friends can demand a lot from you during the holidays.

Although they don’t always mean any harm, it can start to make you feel overwhelmed and stressed out.

You may also see people that you don’t typically see during the year. These interactions can be awkward at times and sometimes make you feel uneasy. Be clear on your boundaries so that people don’t cross them. It’s all right to respectfully voice your feelings to protect your mental and emotional health.

Plan Ahead

The holiday season is plagued with people rushing around in every direction.

Just the thought of having to be crammed in a mall with tons of other people can cause anxiety.

Try to avoid being a part of the group that’s always in a hurry by planning things ahead.

Know what you have to do and supplies that you’ll need so you won’t have to run in and out of stores. If you’re hosting festivities at your home, prepare meals and decor early so you don’t end up trimming the tree right before guests arrive.

Take away the importance of preparation from this holiday survival guide. It will save you time and frustration.

Planning early also gives you a cushion to do troubleshooting if things go wrong (which isn’t uncommon).

Avoid Over-Committing

Being in the holiday spirit can often cause you to say “yes” to everything.

Well, here’s a simple holiday survival guide tip — say “no.”

Committing yourself to too many obligations can ultimately burn you out and make your holiday a nightmare. Keep a schedule of tasks and events that you already have on your plate and put a cap on how much more you’ll allow yourself to add.

Having enough time to get all the things you want to be accomplished should be a priority.

Honor Your Feelings

Experiences with past trauma can make the reality of someone’s holiday dark and depressing.

If you know this is a tough time of the year for you, be sure to make space to sit with your feelings and acknowledge what’s going on.

Don’t try to suppress your emotions. Practice therapeutic techniques, such as journaling, or reach out to a counselor. Begin to implement preventative methods before the holidays really kick in so that you’ll have a headstart on any down moods.

Keep Up With Self-Care

It’s easy to run yourself raggedy during the holidays.

This definitely isn’t the time to neglect skincare routines and hair appointments. You actually might want to get even stricter around these months.

Remember to continue to take care of yourself. Indulge in things that make you feel good, such as bubble baths and exercise. Keep up with your mind, body, and emotions to make sure you’re not completely drained during or after the holidays.

Practice Meditation

Meditation is a powerful calming method that has helped people remain in-tune with themselves for centuries.

All the excitement of the season could start to make your brain feel fuzzy.

Sitting down a few minutes a day to practice meditation and mindfulness can go very far. Focus on breathing and inviting peace and balance to help you get through the weeks.

Feel More Prepared With a Holiday Survival Guide

You don’t have to struggle your way through the holidays.

There are plenty of tips and tricks like the ones in this holiday survival guide to help you get through with little to no stress at all.

Remember to focus on enjoying yourself as much as possible!

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