It’s not just Moms that are concerned for the children health, Dads are too. That means if you are the little one’s primary caregiver health is definitely something that needs to be high on your priority list. With this in mind check out the simple guide to keeping the little one as healthy as possible below.


Keeping the Kids Healthy – Colds and Flu

With the kids attend nursery or school it is likely they will come into contact with a lot of other people. That means they are at risk of contracting a cold or even the flu virus. Something that can make them pretty sick. Luckily, there are some things you can do to minimize their risk of getting sick.

The first thing you can do for this ensure they eat a healthy and balanced diet. Something that I go into more detail with below. Secondly, consider using supplement and vitamins to boost your child’s immune system. Especially, at the beginning and the end of a school semester when their bodies may not have gotten used to dealing with all the viruses out there. Echinacea can be a good choice for short-term use, as can odorless garlic capsules or those jelly vitamins that are yummy to eat as well as good for them.


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No one wants to think about the kids getting paradise but it can happen, and therefore its best to know the signs and be prepared for it.

In particular, lice can be a real issue in kids of school age. This is because they are so easily transferred from hard to head, and then before you know it everyone has got them.

You will probably remember from your own school days that lice are contagious little devils and therefore if your kid has them there is pretty good chance that the rest of the family will be affected too.


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To deal with this, you can use medicated shampoos. However, you can also use a more natural method of head lice removal that doesn’t involve getting everyone to use strong pesticides? There are even professional that specializes in this area, so you know that your problem will be dealt with swiftly and effectively. If you are a blended family, make sure you also inform the other parent.

Keeping the Kids Healthy – Weight and Fitness

Weight and fitness with kids can be tricky ground to traverse. After all, children can become very sensitive to criticism in these areas, and with the media pouring pressure on them from every angle, body fascism it is definitely something you want don’t to reinforce.

A good way of bridging this gap is to get them as passionate about a sport, band or outdoor activities as you can. Then regular training will just be a normal part of their life, and they are much less likely to struggle with unwanted weight gain.

Getting kids involved in a sport early one can be super helpful for their weight and fitness.


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It is also vital to lead by example and cook healthy meals from scratch that provide the essential nutrients for your child to grow. Remember they will look to you for guidance on these things so if your idea of dinner is a pizza and a large bottle of soda, now is the time to get out of this habit and replace it with something more nutritious.