Kitchen cabinet

A kitchen cabinet is the most important furniture in the kitchen. You cannot use your kitchen properly without it. At present, China has become one of the most productive countries in the world, it is manufacturing world standard kitchen cabinets. However, Chinese cabinets for the kitchen are the best and useful for users.

The main reason for the demand is the best quality at a low cost. Maybe you might know China manufacturing industries reached their 40$ billion in total profit in 2017. It’s a remarkable achievement for cabinets from china direct

The major retailer store brand of America like Williams-Sonoma, Raymour & Flanigan, Ashley furniture and Ikea are getting involved with China to expand its business by assembling work and production.

So when you buy from these mentioned brands, there is a chance you’ll be buying actually from Chinese production. But these countries sell their products by giving their brand name, although they mainly import from China.

However, you will find there are many cabinet manufacturers in Zhejiang, Shanghai, Guangdong, Jiangsu and Shandong province of China. They offer different types of cabinets with different materials. The cost of the cabinets depends on several factors like size, design, materials and many.

You need to know around everything before buying from China. Finding out a reliable source, better conducting with manufacturers or suppliers, bargaining with sellers actually all are most important before going to make a final purchase.

In this article, we’ve described everything about buying kitchen cabinets from China. Here, you’ll get a complete guideline that could be a knowledge hunting article for you.



Types of kitchen cabinets made in China


Which materials are available for the kitchen cabinet?


The 5 considerations you should remember before buying/importing kitchen cabinets?


Judgment between Chinese cabinet and American Cabinet


Things you need to know before importing kitchen cabinet from China


How and where can we find the Chinese kitchen cabinet manufactures?


How to choose Chines kitchen cabinet manufactures?


How to choose which cabinet would be best?


The problem may arise during importing kitchen cabinet from China


Frequently asked question and answer – FAQ


Kitchen cabinet case pictures


Types of kitchen cabinets made in China

A lot of new buyers think first about what types of kitchen cabinet they will buy.

Even someone doesn’t know about the types, materials available in the market.

But before making a big decision, thinking for next buying is mandatory so that you don’t need to regret it in the future.

Make sure you know about the types of kitchen cabinet very well. In below, we’ve expressed the types you should think for.

1. Shaker

Shaker is the most common style in the world. It is generally consisted of five pieces of flat-panel, creating a frame with four pieces, plus a single flat center panel as the fifth piece.
Basically, this design is trending as it has classical looks or some are in contemporary and traditional looks.

Flat paneled doors with rail frames, durable construction with standard wood and practical designs all features are commonly available Shaker cabinets.

It needs high-quality wood to make a Shaker type. Sometimes the production wood can be cherry, maple, hickory and quarter sawn oak.

Shaker kitchen cabinets

2. Louvered

This type actually comes with horizontal slats along with a weighty price tag, designs in windows, furniture pieces, and interior doors. It can be a worthy selection as a unique style.

Louvered cabinet has more space than typical styled and it needs ventilation. Because most louvered doors contain space between each slat.

Louvered kitchen cabinets

3. Flat-panel or slab

It is also named as slab cabinet doors, this standard styled in simple looks. This cabinet gives hard lines and uncluttered form and lacks any luxurious specifics. Looking at simple flat pane make a sense of a great fit for fashionable and modernity.

To make it, we need to apply different construction ways. Plus, the slab doors don’t belong to any frames. It’s simple solid slabs that reflect by name.

Flat-panel or slab kitchen cabinets

4. Insert

Insert cabinet comes with an inserted door set inside he cabinet frame instead of the outside frame. Each door is intended and built inaccurate measurements that ensure convenient open and close. But insert kitchen cabinet and drawers are slightly pricy in the market place.

But it goes for a long time for having durable materials. You can customize as demand with beaded and non-beaded inserts. The beaded inset beaded is adjustable into the cabinet door itself.
But one thing requires remembering that the hinges of the cabinet should be exposed. Plus, you will need to use two hinges for the per door in the insert style cabinet.

Insert kitchen cabinets

5. Distressed

Those people fond of the antique kitchen, distressed can be a canny selection for them. Distressed cabinets and drawers are especially perfect for making an antique sense. This type is obtainable from most of the manufacturers.

It comes in several door styles with the corner rubbed off, besides some extra distressing design introduced it as a traditional feeling.

Distressed kitchen cabinets

6. Breadboard

The breadboard is rows of vertical planks with indent or edges. It can offer more dynamic looks than the typical cabinets like flat kitchen cupboards. Its outlook of beads gives a perfect farmhouse cabinet looking or cottage style looking.

Once all the breadboard cabinet looks flawless to ample your cottage style kitchen, keep in mind that the cracks and splits on this style could be tough to taking care of and clean.

Breadboard kitchen cabinets

7. Thermofil

Thermofil kitchen cabinet is garnished out of average thickness fiberboard (MDF). Generally, its door is wrapped in a type of plastic coating, scorched under powerful heat to be wrapped. This process of making makes the cabinet durable and cost-effective. Those have a low budget, this cabinet is a perfect choice.

Termafoil cabinet easy to take care off, it has low maintenance and moisture resistant but a concern is they have poor heat resistant capacity. That is why, you should not place them nearest to heating sources like an oven. If you do so then be careful about using.

Thermofil kitchen cabinets

8. Custom

When you can’t find your preferred style then turn back to your own creative choice. To do this, you can contact the local carpenter. I want to import from China, you might introduce with so many designers or manufacture who are able to give your expected design.

Custom kitchen cabinets

But applying custom design is rare because the producers always invent new designs every day. People like the design as each design are different than others. Yet, when you expect something unique, just ask your manufacturer. If you have demand on mobile home kitchen cabinets, may order custom.


Which materials are available for the kitchen cabinet?

So far, wood is the common and best material for the kitchen cabinet. It is reliable and non-toxic and goes for an extended time.

You can renew it by polishing after a year gap. You can get it made with oak wood, hard maple, cherry, pine, hickory, and others.

It remains different textures, grains and diverse colors like brown, black, cream kitchen cabinets, and white kitchen cabinets.

Each of the materials has individual variations, each variation generates a special look separately. If you do regular cleaning, it can be run for a long time.

But be careful not to consume commercial cleaners. This chemical decrease the furniture’s durability. The cabinet can be made with-


Laminates: Laminates are widely usable raw material gives contemporary texture and it is durable and contains rich colors. These characteristics make the laminate suitable for best usage. You may get it within a low budget with great looks.



Wood veneers: Wood veneers are similar to laminates. Veneers are sheets or slices of solid wood used over a composite substrate. Therefore, the sheets require polishing to get the required texture and color.

Wood veneers

It offers natural wood beauty. People hardly understand whether the cabinet is formed with real wood or wood veneers. It comes in different brands AlishanPly, GreenPly, CenturyPly, and ArchidPly.


Two-pack: Two-pack reflected by high gloss appearance. Its flexible material is applicable to any door style or material surface. You can match with a perfect color wall at your house using two-pack materials. The classical lovers can choose this material to get a classical appearance.


Black marine plywood: Generally black marine plywood remains exposed edges to highlight an attractive design. Its pressed thin timber layers form crate a shiny entrance. This appearance outfits ultra-modern, or inner-city kitchen design. It is cost-effective and lifelong usability.

Black marine plywood

Particleboard: Particleboard generally is a low-density fiberboard. It produces with wood chips, sawmill shavings even sawdust and a synthetic resin or apposite binder that is compelled and extruded. If you want within a low budget, the particle board would be the finest option.


Plywood: Plywood is produced by thin layers or plies of wood veneer that compressed together with glue or adhesive. It is planned from the family of production boards that comprise medium compactness fiberboard (MDF) and particle board or Chipboard.


Medium-density fiberboard: This type of board produces from breaking down hardwood or softwood oddment into wood fibers.

Almost several types of wood residuals are sued to make the MDF board. When all the wood powder gets mixed then it becomes stronger.

Basically, MDF is thicker than plywood.

As a denser board, it can be used in building materials and for the furniture application. This is also much denser than particle board. After making a cabinet or any furniture, there needs to polish with a specific machine that covers the original MDF color.

Medium-density fiberboard

Solid wood: Solid wood indicates the woodcuts from a tree. The wood might come from different trees, each tree’s timbers are diverse. Some are better durable some are lesser.

Actually, cabinet or furniture, the cut timber requires ready to assemble cabinets with strong adhesive. After assembling the timber, it’s time for making furniture. Essentially, China manufacturer use timber of –

  • Ash tree
  • Maple
  • Pinewood
  • Rubberwood
  • Birch
  • Oak
  • Cherry
  • Walnut
  • Hickory
  • Beech

Solid wood

Aluminum: Though aluminum cabinet is less wanted. Yet it could be found somewhere. It has some extraordinary advantages like-

  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Easily restoring
  • Rust resistant


Stainless steel: It is a high-end material especially for kitchen cabinet manufacturing. Stainless steel is easier to clean well and a kitchen is a place that faces oil and smoke. This is why it becomes greasy in a short time. So the stainless steel is a good option. It also ensures the high-end rustic kitchen cabinets.


Though materials also important considerable things need to pay attention to. But after finalizing the cabinet’s materials, there are many considerations. See the next chapter.


The 5 considerations you should remember before buying/importing kitchen cabinets?

Perhaps, you have bought your desired house, now needs to keep eyes on the kitchen as this is a food production house. Thus this space requires to be planned, tidy.

But, at this stage, people get stuck what should they inspect before making a final purchase.

If you don’t know what will be convenient for you depending on having a budget, lifestyle, and taste. Hopefully, this section must be supportive of you. Here, we focused on 5 significant things you have to think about buying a kitchen cabinet.

1. Expected Budget for Your Kitchen Cabinet

No one wants to expend more if he/she get a quality product in a low budget. There are 5 basics modules of the kitchen cabinet to consider the budget. Surely, these components will help you understand the best product within less amount.

Carcass: Did you get puzzled to hear carcass? Don’t worry it means the storage of kitchen cabinet. In fact, the maximum carcass is similar and the color is white. Actually the deference visible in the door materials and finishing. Carcasses remain in base, wall, drawers and tall units.

Worktop:  Generally worktop stand in a range of materials like as-

  • Granite
  • Solid Surface
  • High-Pressure Laminate (HPL)
  • Quartz

Doors: The door price might be unlike according to the material and finishing like –

  1. Melamine
  2. Solid Wood
  3. Matt Lacquer
  4. High Gloss Lacquer
  5. Acrylic
  6. Veneer
  7. Glass Door

2.Fitting and kitchen cabinet accessories

While choosing hardware and fitting, think of having multiple functions/options. Another thinkable thing is about durability, ye durability stand on good fittings and accessories. Try to find out the companies who use premium quality hinges, drawers, and lighting. Know well about the following-

  • Accessories – Tray, C Basket, Ironmongery
  • Fittings – Sink & Tap, Drainer, Latches, Handles and more.
  • Hardware – Lift up, Fold up and Gas Lift Up

mobile home kitchen cabinets

1. Appliances 

Think for the appliance which is required to install on the cabinet. There are many kitchen appliances such as ovens, stoves, hobs, microwave, dishwasher and many more. The first step to select one that can be convenient to retain essential kitchen gadgets altogether.


2. Measure your space

Yes, this consideration is not negotiable at all until you confirm which size of the cabinet you need. It is necessary to think because many people regret after buying a kitchen cabinet except thinking about how much space he/she requires.

If you’re an importer or wholesaler, try to know which size of cabinet your customers demand. The demand for size sometimes varies in regions. After confirming for size, consult with your supplier. Assuredly, they’ll provide your preferred sizes.


3. The components of the kitchen cabinet

Especially the front and side part is more visible of kitchen cabinet. These parts make impressions at first sight. However, not only these parts but also the other components are essential for enhanced improvement. Components have big importance to enlarge the cabinet’s qualities which you can’t ignore anywise.


  1. Hinges: Hinges are part and parcel components for a kitchen cabinet. An expensive cabinet could be ugly for using not standard hinges. There are a lot of hinges at the market, but you have to emphasis on quality.

Since they face pen and close thousands of times, they need to be sturdy. Steel, sift close fittings and hidden hinges behind doors often identified as decent.


  1. Drawer’s glides: Drawer glides quality is a vital need to consider. Steel under mount and soft-close constantly ideal.


  1. Draw box: You can realize that the drawer materials and finishing are not the same as the outside panels. In fact, manufacturers don’t care in this regard through this is not negotiable at all. You ought not to do the mistake while choosing cabinets for the kitchen.

For drawer boxes generally, the Laminate board and Melamine board are most usable almost by maximum producers. If you want another board for the drawer box, discus with your manufacture. Otherwise, there is a chance of getting a non-standard board.


  1. Kitchen layout

Well, the layout function of the kitchen often centers on the position of, oven, sink, hob, and refrigerator. For utilizing full of your kitchen space, attempt to place these in a fantasy triangle with a minimum of 4 feet (1.2 meters) gap between every workspace. In below, there are 5 layout ideas-

  • The I-shape: I-shape is suitable for a cozy or studio apartment. This plan lets you use every space without indulging in any single space.
  • The gallery: If you dislike moving too much time and wish to get all elements within a short place, the gallery shape can be worthy for you.
  • The L-shape: Those people like to move everywhere the kitchen easily between different areas, this kitchen layout can fill their desire.
  • The u-shape: This shape is the most common style amount the world because it allows using maximum space. This shape can be fittest at the small or large kitchen, plus, whole like spend time with families, this layout allows them since it offers supreme cabinet counter space.
  • L-shape with Island: This layout goes near to the L-shape layout. This layout makes a family-friendly environment too.

ready to assemble cabinets

  1. Quality

You never should compromise with the qualities of the kitchen cabinet. It’s rare for everyone to change the cabinet after using a short time.

This behavior is expensive and painful too. For removing the chancing intention, try to get the best kitchen cabinet manufacturers who are reliable and have a positive record of supplying quality cabinets.

Find out companies who were rewarded and have a quality management certificate. This inspection ensures that they are producing quality products, committed to giving the best product continually.

Moreover, you can also consider the components they use from first to the last finishing. Because consuming the best manufacturing equipment and accessories impact on qualities.

On the other hand, check the interior of cabinets, essentially the interior should be non-porous, wipe-cleaned durable enough so that it doesn’t lose its glossy looks by getting scratching. Discussing with manufacture can relief you from such kinds of worries.

Since possibly they never break their commitment whatever they promised during dealing with you. If you don’t discuss well, there is a chance they might give less importance to specific things. In total, ask them for superiority.


Judgment between Chinese cabinet and American Cabinet

The Chinese and American cabinet both are demanding, but from the last couple of years the Chinese kitchen cabinets have broken out its previous record of selling.

In fact, china’s manufacturer is being more determined to manufacture a world standard cabinet and it can be used almost in every country.

Nevertheless, Chinese and American kitchen cabinets mainly comparable with-

  • Wood
  • Construction
  • Finishing

Besides, from the American kitchen cabinet, the Chinese kitchen cabinet belongs more advantageous. They have additional functions and sturdiness. A kitchen cabinet can be made in different ways but it’s not important as important to know where the cabinet is making.

Actually, Chinese and American manufactures both follow dissimilar technologies for production. Yet both countries also use different materials.


1. Wood

Wood is the most needed raw material of the cabinet. China and America manufacturer has a subtle difference in wood. They select wood depending on availability.


Truly the Chinese cabinet mostly made from plywood. The American kitchen cabinet is from particleboard. From the durability and weight, plywood is better than particleboard.


  • Plywood: Plywood is a board of multiple layers compressed Essentially, maximum Chinese RTA cabinets and semi-custom cabinets are manufactured of plywood. Plywood is better than particle board because it has the largest downside. Plus, some kinds peel off or gets enfolded simply.


  • Particleboard: Particle boars come from wood shavings and sawdust or non-wood plant debris. The debris can be straw, sugarcane, wheat straw, etc. All are thermo pressed with adhesive or glue.

Hard Wood

As particle board is less standard, most American RTA cabinets and semi-custom cabinets are produced of particleboard, also, particleboard is inexpensive than plywood.

You should know when the china kitchen cabinet made of particleboard. During shipping time, the suppliers send it with plywood boxing. The reason is usually particleboard cannot endure high humidity, can’t go to an extended period. This kind of issue is major because the shipping mainly sends by sea.

On the other hand, importing particle board cabinet from China is very rare. Actually, China continuously prioritizes on qualities. Though the particle cabinet will not be shipping by sea, a risk is the cabinets would be shabby within a few using years.


  • Medium-density fiberboard (MDF): MDF or medium-density fiberboard comes from small fibers thermo pressed together. MDF is more usable for many Chinese RTA cabinet even American cabinets. It is cheaper than typical solid wood and extra denser than plywood.

It contains overwhelm surfaces, the superb screw holding power and cleaner edges. If you love MDF to make sure you have gotten cabinets of MDF from Chinese warehouse and productions.


  • Solid wood: No other materials of cabinets is as best as solid wood. Though they are expensive but confirm for long-lasting. Solid wood is powerful to give any shapes. Even you can use them for terracotta design or custom furniture. Mainly the Asian people are using solid wood as they like supplementary designs on every furniture.


In America, many carpenter or makers use solid wood while they will be asked to craft on furniture. Those customers want to craft then they want to pay extra money both for solid wood and crafting.

Don’t think solid wooden furniture only best for durability, it ensures elegant looking and fundamentally beautiful. There are some specific wood can make wonderful kitchen cabinets like oak, cherry, birch hard maple, pine, ash, and hickory.


2. Construction

No doubt that the construction quality of most of the American cabinet is outstanding. But you’ll be surprised maximum Americans furniture seller import from China. In detail, the American manufacturer runs their production and assembling in China.

Finally, they import to their country after labeling from China. So, it’s clear the main production house of American furniture brand standing on Chinese production. Besides, those buy kitchen cabinets or other furniture from America, possibly they will get ultimately Chinese production. Moreover, Chines production means the same construction quality as the Chinese RTA cabinets.

Once again, the production procedures vary by one by one. Yet pay attention to the following points when the time for inspecting overall construction. Check the following during buying from China and the U.S.


  • An ideal cabinet box has the front to back, side to side support to steady. You have to check these features.
  • Every woodworking joints should be tight enough so that the joints are enough stronger. Even they keep stronger at the time of transporting.
  • A cabinet is made with a few boards or wooded pieces, in this stage look, every piece is screwed strongly altogether. If there is any glued area, check whether the gluing area is adequate tough.
  • The doors and drawers boxes both for the underside and insert panel are sufficient thicker.
  • Frames and beam should be constantly good conditioned.
  • The face frames have to be detained together with pocket screws instead of humidity and tendon joints.


3. Finishing

Finishing is the finest task of furniture, doesn’t matter the furniture could be a kitchen cabinet too. Well, coating and finishing create a mind-blowing appearance of the kitchen cabinet. Further, it also enriches the outlook of a kitchen.

From the customers/importer’s feedback, China is the best production house of kitchen cabinet for maintaining superior grade coating than American made. The two-part polyurethane is available on the Chinese imported kitchen cabinets from China whether the American cabinet doesn’t have.

Further, maximum U.S cabinets have lacquer or conversion varnish finish, both lacquer and conversion lacquer have coatings are low-grade to 2K polyurethane.

Essentially, there are numerous finishes in the market like laminates, membrane foils, acrylic and polymer and many more. Acrylic and laminate are common finishes, theta is different according to aesthetics, toughness, and value.


  • Acrylic finishes: It is usually non-toxic, reflective high gloss coating that makes a smoother look on cabinets. It works like a mirror. Your reflection would be visible by Acrylic finishes.
  • Laminate finishes: A laminate finishes is an artificial varnish. It is completed from thin layers of flat paper and plastic resins. The top layer printed by using a decorative design and color.


Usually, Acrylic is superior to the upper part of the cabinets. You may perceive verities types of Chinese cabinets coated with unlike varnish or can order as expected.


Things you need to know before importing kitchen cabinet from China

Well, possibly when you are planning to import anything from China, you need to dive into more information before importing a cabinet for the kitchen from China.

This clearance will remove your hesitation whether you will import.

We’ve described this section with 8 things you want to perceive so that you get involved with Chinese business quietly.

1. Things first why you should import from china?

Though this is a common query it wants to be clear. If you’re a new and unproven importer then China is a perfect place for you.

Importing from here can expand your small business. You will get a world standard cabinet even every niche from here at a lower price. Let’s know more why we prioritize China.


  • China is the world’s biggest export country from 2009 able to supply every kind of product and raw materials.
  • China estimated 1.904$ trillion in 2013 by exporting that indicates the remarkable exporting achievement.
  • China can provide the best product at a low price than another country in the world.

wholesale kitchen cabinets china

2. Find your expected products


Maybe you have fixed your demanding cabinet. If you change the selected products, no chance of not getting the changing products. As you knew China works with thousands of products.

People from different countries are importing huge kinds of products every year even many importers are getting involved day by day. It’s an incredible revolution for China. More tips on product selection.


  • A portable item charges the lower cost of shipping. Plus, small sizes also decrease the rate of transport.
  • Pick additional products with the targeted niche by thinking about what your customer demand besides the main imported products, why they will like the item, etc.
  • If you belong to small business then you can think for 10$-200$ range. It’s advantageous because you can do further importing after realizing what your customers behave on your products. Once they pay interest then import in a large lot.


3. Easier to contact with suppliers

Although most people show interest in Chinese importing but often they get back behind for lacking adequate knowledge of contacting suppliers.

You will find them online. About maximum suppliers are joining online to expand their business. It’s is cool to search for them online. We’ll discuss how to search for suppliers below.


4. Know well with whom you are working?

Once finished of searching suppliers of the cabinet of the kitchen, it’s time to investigate the suppliers. However, you need to realize how they are presenting them and how they are getting clients. Besides, knowing their previous record is also vital. You should –


  • Check their website to identify whether they work with a board range of products.
  • Check out what is their minimum order quantity (MOQ). If they notice they accept the order in a low amount, possibly they are trading companies because factories accept a large amount of order.
  • Check out on profile in Alibaba. Know details year of establishing, where is there manufacturing area, what wood or board they use for making cabinets, audit reports, have any production license, ISO certification, and customer feedback.

 white kitchen cabinets

5. Never wish for the cheapest price

Choosing good items at the cheapest price is respectable, but choosing the less standard item at a cheap rate is not canny selection. You have to take some challenges when dealing directly with the supplier.

  • Language issue: Actually many factories in China have a lack of communication in the English language. Though they are continuously increasing their communication skills.

So prioritize the supplier who can discuss in your mother tongue or English as the third language.

  • High order quantity: This is important because those suppliers accept a high amount of order they emphasize a good production.

That is why order acceptable supplier could be new low or started his business newly that means low experience. But you can discuss wee to achieve precise production.

  • Independency of better inspection: Remember that you have inspected your produced item whether that is okay or not. The supplier should permit you to check your ordered products before payment.
  • Get samples before making a final order: Yes, it’s most important to see a sample before placing an order.
  • Confirm when you’ll get delivery: Surely you have a schedule of getting delivered. Talk to the supplier when he would deliver.

But not to ask very fast delivery lest you should lose quality’s guarantee. Let him taking sufficient time for a value production.


6. Don’t be attracted to the inexpensive offer

The supplier may offer you hundreds of cabinet samples to get the order from you. Actually, they’ll seduce you frequently but be careful for not falling into their offer’s trap. Further, the cheaper option usually not bad always. But accepting an offer after research the products are decent.

rustic kitchen cabinets

7. Choose a convenient shipment method

Nowadays, shipment is not any matter, especially from China. There are various options for shipment you can adopt. Yet few shipment methods have different tasks than each other.

In total, the way you’ll take should be convenient for you. Convenient means timing, cost, security and many more. Below, some considerations might be helpful.

  • Regular post: Samples and products under 2Kg take 2-5 weeks to be shipped at the rate of 15 USD. This is the best option of shipment.
  • Sea freight: Using Seaport is the best option especially for shipping kitchen cabinet. Though it takes almost 3-9 weeks sure to get products in front of the door. It also needs certification for clearance.
  • Airfreight: If adopt this method, you have to complete particular documentation before taking up at the airport. Larger than 300KG, USD 5-10/kg. 2-10 days, also have a weight limit.
  • Express courier: Goods under 20 Kg takes 2-5 business days at a rate of USD 50/kg. This method will ship to your door.

The above shipment procedures are suitable for each, unlike products. Yet it depends on your preference. But choosing the shipping method according to the times, cost, products is trustworthy.


8. Try to work as the contract described

The contract paper is the main and initial document. It binds importer and supplier in an order. So it should not neglect at all. Every activity of order runs according to the paper was written.

Besides, it ensures the professionalism of importing and exporting. It should have clear outlines. The outline should have terms and conditions of business. Add the important things you to the paper to avoid future confusion.


How and where can we find the Chinese kitchen cabinet manufactures?

Finding out a good Chinese kitchen cabinet manufacture is not so tough and not so easy.

If you will be an experienced then looking the best manufacture would be easier for you.

After finding out them, the next step is dealing, successful dealing depends on how did you research on the manufacturer or supplier.

However, if you feel pain looking forward to a producing company.

Then you can rely on a guidance company that will guide you to pick the superior items.  Otherwise, you can find yourself via:

  1. Alibaba
  2. Trade show
  3. Sourcing agents
  4. Furniture manufacturing bases


1. Alibaba is the most usable platform from where people get their resellers, sourcing agents, traders and manufacturers from different companies. It is the world’s largest e-commerce platform where every kind of product obtainable. If you are a new buyer or importer, Alibaba might seem critical to you.


Is Alibaba safe to use? 

As Alibaba is an online directory marketplace, there may arise badly along with good traders. As you know for a new person this platform might seem dangerous. So it’s better to know what is doing and how to get actual manufacture correctly. Every day thousands of business dealing has been organizing by it. Thus, you have to be tricky to find your expected suppliers.

While searching for any product suppliers on Alibaba, do filtering the mentioned results.


  • Trade Assurance
  • Gold Supplier
  • Assessed Supplier

This filtration would allow you to get the safest suppliers in your search result


  • Trade Assurance: Trade assurance suppliers transact a payment via a third party. In detail, both you and the supplier selected a third party who will release payment from you to the supplier. But until you won’t get your delivery correctly.

If you don’t get the required item, the third party won’t pay for the dealing. This is more secure whether relief a supplier and buyer from payment anxiety.

  • Gold supplier: It is a way of finding suppliers on Alibaba by exclusive membership. This way emphasis on supplier’s reliability. Moreover, all the suppliers from exclusive membership are honest and good.

You will gather a remarkable experience with this membership. Be sure how many years have they been working when choosing a good dealer.

  • Assessed Supplier: Assessed supplier is most important for good filtration. It means a third party has inspected the supplier you have chosen and their product qualities and facilities. 

Assessed suppliers continue attending trade shows, robust sales performance, and solid company profiles. Thy never espouses ant fake information, they’re prohibited to practice business badly.


2. Trade show

The trade show is the perfect place to meet Chinese suppliers directly. The Canton Fair in Guangzhou where attended 60,000 booths from 200 countries. Can you imagine how much large business participation this is! So you may settle yourself to catch huge manufactures of China here.


The place where the biggest Chinese furniture fairs held:

  • China International Furniture Expo (Shanghai, September)
  • China International Integrated Custom House Expo (Beijing, September)
  • China International Furniture Fair (Shanghai, September)
  • China International Furniture Fair (Guangzhou, March)


The way of getting Chinese’s manufacture by trade fairs

If you wish for joining any Chines trade show fair, try to look forward to top events happening around the state. The fairs commonly are Canton fair, it’s a china import and export fair.

China Yiwu International Commodities Fair, Bauma fair and Shanghai import and export Commodity fair. Let’s know in detail.


  • Canton Fair: This fair typically held twice in a year in Guangzhou. It is already the biggest national fair featured by approximately 60,000 booths.They’re offering thousands of quality products. Even you will find products from electronics to automobiles.

    A huge numbers of visitors from 200 countries visit this fair every year. It happens in the spring season from April to May. The second event held from October to November.

  • Yiwu trade fair: It’s a permanent trade fair held for targeting small buyers/importers from around the world. The buyer search here wholesale kitchen cabinets China at cheap rates. Here approximately 70,000 booths attend over 100,000 sellers from thousands of Chinese productions. It held in October at Yiwu city.
  • Bauma fair: This is the world’s biggest construction trade fair where construction industry machinery, equipment, and building materials are exhibited. Probably you know China has the world’s largest construction capacity.

Thus Bauma fair is most important for international constructing related traders. It held frequently twice every 2 years in November by the presence of over 200,000 people from multiple regions of the world.

  • Shanghai Import and export commodity fair: It is a leading regional fair in China state. There are clothes, textiles, gifts, art and other consumer goods available. Over 35,000 buyer and importer around the world gather here to pick their products. You can attend in March month of a year.


3. Sourcing Agents

Finding manufactures by sourcing agents has to become popular into importer who wants to import from China. A sourcing agent can relief you from doing every essential importing tasks until shipment.

This is basically useful while you don’t have enough time. Many importers ask a sourcing agent so that they only can receive their ordered products from his own country. They do-

  • Search and manage orders of RTA cabinets
  • Review kitchen cabinet’s potentiality
  • Inspect the quality control that that importer ordered the supplier

The internal procedures of importing all are done by the sourcing agent whom he assigned. This is also secure because the agent search manufacture, check consistency, check item after getting delivery finally pay.

As an example, imagine you don’t want to search and deal with any supplier. If you seem the total importing procedures are complicated then you can consult with a sourcing agent. He will find a production house, talk about quality.

You don’t need to go here and there physically. A sourcing agent takes all the responsibilities from sourcing to final shipment. It is common for a new importer whore totally unknown how to do and what to do.

Thus taking help from an agent is secure, beneficial and tricky. Because manufacturers might demand more amount of production than the actual rate.  You can consider an agent since you do not know about the kitchen cabinets price you’re going to order.

China Furniture Sourcing Agent Service Process - Riwick

4. Furniture manufacturing ground

You already know China is the world’s largest furniture exporter in the world. The china furniture association (CNFA) quotes 45 furniture industrial bases in the country. If you are keen to buy or import kitchen cabinet from China, you should know the 5 biggest manufacturing regions of the Chinese state.

  1. Bohai Sea Rim
  2. Pearl River Delta
  3. Northeast China
  4. Southwest China
  5. Yangtze River Delta

Without Southwest China bases, the other four are experts to deal with domestic and aboard exporting. Southwest mainly covers the domestic market.


Bohai sea rim: This area is well known for covering domestic needs. Bohai sea rim is an improved furniture manufacturing bunch were a lot of resources available. It covers –

  • Beijing
  • Tianjin
  • Hebei


Pearl River delta

You will find plentiful labor resources from the Pearl River Delta base. This is the largest furniture industrial base in China. This base contains one-third of Chinese furniture production value. A large number comes from U.S. Ordinarily Pearl river focus on –

  • Guangzhou
  • Shenzhen
  • Dongguan
  • Shunde
  • Foshan


Northwest China: This is not far from plenty of solid wood furniture. Here, may find a large number of collection and wood resources. Those want a solid wood industry, they can choose this area undoubtedly. Northwest Asia and Europe countries mainly get their supply from here. Northwest covers-

  • Shenyang
  • Dalian


Southwest China: It also covers its domestic needs like the Bohai sea rim. It covers-

  • Chengdu
  • Chongqing


Yangtze River delta: This area can manufacture furniture so fast. You may get high-quality products and standard companies who can produce modern items. About one tried of furniture output value occurs here and most are coming from Europe, U.S, and Canada. It covers:

  • Shanghai
  • Jiangsu
  • Zhejiang



How to choose Chines kitchen cabinet manufactures?

Well, we hope you have learned where to find out China kitchen cabinet manufactures. Nevertheless, the second concern is thinking about how to choose a Chinese kitchen cabinet.

Honesty, you’ll get many manufactures but everything won’t be suitable for you.

Some are able to provide a predictable item, some are can provide little. It doesn’t matter to get one supplier who has the full ability to supplying your desired products.

In this section, you’re going to learn the considerations of choosing the best manufacture.

1. Cost of kitchen cabinets

Cost is the initial thinking of buying China kitchen cabinets. This is because while you buy at an exact rate, there needs to have consistency between your buying and selling rate. Of course, you’ll not sell your products below the buying rate.

You must keep a profit for each item and this is called the business. But the problem arises hugely when you purchase at more rate, but can’t sell even keeping lower profits. So cost impacts hugely on importing. However, wholesales are different from retail pricing.

You know buying wholesale kitchen cabinets from China direct is beneficial and cost-effective too. Try to remember, when dealing with a sourcing agent. He can help you reduce overheads and enlarge your bottom line. In fact, you have to keep holding the tongue of extra costs.


2. MOQ or Minimum order quantity

Though you’ve known about MOQ above. The second appearance is for clarifying in detail. Basically, a minimum order quantity set by manufacturing companies. The generally small size of the item has higher MOQ. Oppositely the bigger item has lower MOQ. Try to get someone who can give you the quantity you actually require.

 wholesale kitchen cabinets

3. Project support 

Don’t forget to check whether a company has a customer support facility. Will fall in any trouble, the supporting system will assist you to get a solution. Be sure if they have customer support or call service facility so that can contact them in wants time.

At present, many Chinese companies are assigning an employee who is an expert both in English speaking and writing. Some of them are assigned to receiving customer calls to give a solution. Though this facility was rare before a decade.


4. Quality control

You can’t ignore the importance of quality control. There are several ways of controlling the quality of the chines kitchen cabinet by suppliers.

Find out the manufacture those have truth production software and originality resource arrangement to complete all order perfectly. This is essential for classification each panel with a matching QR code. For tracking seamlessly, this is needed.


5. Design method and measurement

This is not sure whether you will want always the same design, the importing kitchen cabinet should have variety among them. If you require unique design then prioritize the manufacturer who has the skill of giving different looks.

Typically the kitchen cabinet which manufactures in China all comes with 2D and 3D design. Yet if you require your own design, ask your supplier as an orderly condition. Sending the kitchen floor plan could be more understandable both for you and the manufacturing company.

kitchen cabinet outlet

6. Industrial competences

Checking industrial competences or manufacturing abilities badly needed before the finalize order contract. You can forecast their capability of production by asking some queries –

  • How long they’re in business in kitchen cabinets making business industry?
  • What they do while they break any term and conditions unwillingly?
  • Has the enterprise established pathway record?
  • Who has worked with the company before?
  • What are their raw materials?
  • Have they any certification on the running company?
  • Have they refunded the policy if they didn’t get the actual item?
  • Was the company awarded for any achievement, etc.?

Moreover, many Chinese manufacturers capable to provide around 5,000-10,000 units of kitchen cabinets per month. This huge production is possible only for using manifold production lines, piercing to PVC taping, varnishing to weed.


7. Times of getting the order

The ordered products may delay reaching your kitchen cabinet outlet for any production or natural causes. However, be sure when the possible time of receiving an order from the production house.

Since China deals thousands of cabinets order per month, it has a strong production line handling capacity. But confirming about possible period relief you thinking of arrival.



How to choose which cabinet would be best?

After understanding all about kitchen cabinets, now you have to finalize which one would be a worthy choice for you. Actually, there are many kinds of kitchen cabinets according to materials, design, and durability.

The new importer often gets puzzled to identify the best item. We’ve garnished this section with some consideration that allows you to get the finest cabinets from China.

1. Try to know what type of kitchen floor you have

The kitchen floor helps to determine the types of the cabinet by size, function, and budget. The floor gives a concept of looking when a cabinet inhabits space.

RTA cabinets of China stand on various sizes which can be fittest almost on every kitchen floor. It is fully customizable and usually remains in a semi-custom size.  Therefore, the importer can ask the supplier for customized size.


2.  Confirm about the usage and sizes of kitchen cabinet 

According to the user’s needs, the cabinet comes in different sizes like base cabinet, wall cabinet, and tall cabinet. Each one has, unlike usability. Some have little or some have more internal space and functionalities.

Be sure about the demand for your customers. Do they want to keep many things inside the cabinet, what they want to keep in the cabinet? Essentially, importing items should be selected depending on consumer demand.

kitchen cabinet accessories

  • Base cabinet: Base cabinet install directly on the floor. It comes with features of countertops, ranges, sinks, microwaves, and dishwashers.

Without countertops base kitchen cabinet sizes34-1/2”Standard height (no counters)24”Standard depth (no counters)12”, 18”, 24”, 30”, 33”, 36”, 48”Standard width3” to 4-1/2”Standard toe kick height3”Standard toe kick depth


With Countertops

35” to 36”Standard height (with counters)25” to 26”Standard depth (with counters)12”, 18”, 24”, 30”, 33”, 36”, 48”Standard width3” to 4-1/2”Standard toe kick height3”Standard toe kick depth


Wall cabinet: Wall cabinet makes a charming look in a kitchen. Inside it, small kitchen utensils, food ingredients are kept. To install this cabinet the ceiling height should be reflected. Its available sizes.

Sizes of wall cabinet12”, 15”, 18”, 30” 36”, 42”, 48”Standard height12” to 24”Standard depth12” to 36”Standard width18”Height hung above countertop/base cabinet15”Height hung above countertop/base cabinet (fairly accessible)


Tall kitchen cabinet: Tall cabinets are often called pantry cabinet in the kitchen cabinet sets industry. These types sometimes can be seen in the laundry room too. This is the large height from floor to ceiling.


Tall Pantry Cabinet Sizes84” to 96”Standard height12” to 24”Standard depth12” to 36”Standard widthTall Oven Cabinet Sizes80”, 90” and 96”Standard height24”Standard depth30” to 36”Standard width

kitchen cabinets made in china

3. Think for materials and shipping

You do not confirm whether all used materials are good. It could be the wood or plywood only good but hinges, screws, chain hinges are not a good standard. Yes, this common matter that you have to be sure. In maximum time, when place order, talk to your supplier for giving standard materials.

Of course, you have to pay more while you want everything should come to maintaining quality. Generally, the semi-custom type is more expensive than RTA from China. Similarly, made with wood is slightly more expensive than other materials.

One more thing, you want to be sure about the shipping process from China though the details have described above in this article. Talk to your manufacturer about shipping procedures, they must guide you on what to do.


4. Know the classification of kitchen cabinet

The kitchen cabinet comes in different variations. Choose the model depending on what your customer want. Somewhere the model’s demand is unlike.

SubjectsSTOCKSEMI-CUSTOMCUSTOMCostBudgetMid-rangeExpensive (but varies)ConstructionPreset sizesFactory-built for individual layoutsBuilt for individual layoutsChoicesLimitedSlight limited (but varies)No limitsCustomizationLittle to no customizationCustom modifications in 1” increments, modular storage solutionsFully customized to customer’s specificationsAvailabilityAnytime4 to 12 weeks6 to 16 weeksQualityLow (but varies)Medium (but varies)High (but varies)WarrantyLimitedLimitedDepends on builder


Let’s know individually about the types of cabinet


Stock RTA cabinet: It is good to use. It doesn’t matter this style can be American or Chinese but it has less style, color option, trip option, accessories. For a standard shape, it is quite good.

Semi-stock Cabinets: This style allows the customer to add some design according to the requirement of space and appearance.  Several people consume solid wood frame and face frame around the drawers. Someone can modify its size, finishing, hood covers.

Custom cabinet: It is totally ordered by customers. If you wish for unique, more stylish and features then custom kitchen cabinets are perfect for you. Chin manufacture takes order for custom sizes and features too.


5. The parts of a kitchen cabinet

A kitchen cabinet not only a piece of wood or board, but it is also made with multiple parts and materials. However, a perfect kitchen should arrive with some most important parts such as:

  • Doors: Made of Solid wood or plywood panels. These materials are the best.
  • Drawers: Perfect drawers have slid wood with plywood bottom. Clipped particle board at the bottom is not fine.
  • Hardware: Soft sound fewer hinges, sturdier scatter are decent hardware. Avoid the hinges get stuck and make a rough sound while opening and closing.
  • Shelves: A seamless cabinet shelves should make with ¾ inches plywood. Particleboard can be used with a minimum of 5/8-1/2 inches.
  • Mounting Strips: Mounting strips are imperative parts of a cabinet. That is why it should be a minimum of ¾ inches of wood or metal with bolt holes. Evade thinner wood, MDF and particle board if use solid woody cabinet.


6. Decide for an outstanding design

When all the above thought is selected then times for thinking a beautiful design. If you have any unique design idea, you can share it with manufacture.

It can give your manufacture a complete idea of essential things like a space sheet, wall, and base, front frame, connectors, cabinet interiors, door frame, hinges, shelves, drawer box, etc. This requirement sample helps the manufacture understanding what you exactly want.


The problem may arise during importing kitchen cabinet from China

Although importing from China is easier but you might have introduced some problems.

Don’t worry at all, the problems are not crucial you can overcome simply.

Problem with the delivery time

Often delivery time could be the initial issue during importing from china. There are multiple reasons to deliver timing issues.

  • First of all, the Chinese New Year vacation has a great impact on the delivery schedule. As a result, manufacturing companies and shipping lines also keep their activities stop for the vacation.
  • In the month of December, a checkup is run for a week even to a month as a working environmental review.
  • Distance from the production house to the importer warehouse has also a great impact on delivery delay. It may take a minimum of 1 month to reach your country. Sometimes the delivery is completed within a week and month.

kitchen cabinets from china direct

Problem of quality 

Only quality issues won’t be a headache, the quality of another product can disturb you too. However, before shipment, try to inspect manufactured items very well. If found any trouble of quality, get solve from the supplier.

Sometimes, when you are not in China but you have a sourcing agent or quality checking inspector hen get help from them. They will inspect the quality of the potential.


The problem of non-complying dealers

We’re not saying all Chinese manufacturer works honestly with you. Often their production process makes a doubtful situation. In detail, the environmental protection agency discourages to use sulfur, lead, and formaldehyde in the cabinet.

Because these substances are very dangerous and contain toxic that is harmful to the human body. So, to avoid such danger, inspect the environmental compliance certificates from your cabinet manufacturers.

china kitchen cabinets


Frequently asked question and answer – FAQ

1. Are China cabinets out of style?

Answer: Not at all, the Chinese kitchen cabinet is always stylish. China can provide your unique style too.


2. What is the average cost to reface kitchen cabinets?

Answer: Approximately, plastic and rigid Thermo foil (RTF) laminate charge starts from $500 to $1,000. More durable wood veneers start from $1,600 to $3,200. Cherry, Maple, and Oak are the priciest at $13 to $27 each board foot.


3. Should I exchange my kitchen cabinets or reface them?

Answer: Replacing is a big investment. Consult your realtor to get the best suggestion.


4. Where do you put knobs and handles on kitchen cabinets?

Answer: The drawers should have the handle or knob should have in the center.


5. Does China change its shipping cost?

Answer: China often changes their shipping cost. Even if you see a cost in the current week, may see the different cost at the next week as the cost re changing rapidly.


6. What is the peak season of Chinese trading?

Answer: The peak season is mainly in the second half of a year mostly begin from August to October. The second one is in January month to the first week of February.


7. How and when should I pay customs fees?

Answer: It depends on Chinese custom authorities for when they should pay. Besides, the paying process generally could be by wire transfer and credit card.


8. Why the Chinese kitchen cabinet is the best?

Answer: Because China uses the world’s first-class material that ensures quality, durability and cost effeteness.


9. Is it good to import a kitchen cabinet from China for the first time?

Answer: Chinese manufactures always welcome you to deal with them. As you’re new, thus they will support you to understand every portion of the product importing process.


Kitchen cabinet case pictures

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