Locally Owned, US Manufactured Power Chair Increases Quality of Life for Those Living with MS, and Other Debilitating Illnesses


Tuscon, AZ, January 25, 2021 – Michele wasn’t born paralyzed; her life completely changed after her C7 T1 broke, rendering her paralyzed from the chest down. Those who have never had to live life from a wheelchair may never understand the struggle of finding a chair that fits comfortably at a dining room table, or allows you to participate fully with loved ones and friends. Michele knew that struggle well, and had a difficult time finding a chair that fit her lifestyle, and allowed her to stand next to her husband. 

The Redman Power Chair allows Michele to recline, sit and stand, greatly reducing the limits that came as a result of her injury, and improving her mental and physical health. 

“Many people confined in Wheelchairs and the loved ones of those individuals, have no idea that there is a wheelchair out there that allows one to stand. Not only does standing help my body physically but emotionally as well. When I stand and reach for something at home or while shopping, I am more independent. Also not always having to look up at people when talking helps my self-confidence.” – Michele

For those who struggle with MS, are paralyzed, or have debilitating diseases, sitting can have a negative impact on health and quality of life. The Redman Power Chair helps decrease edema, and ulcers, while increasing blood flow, and strengthening muscles. 

This revolutionary chair was developed in 1984 by Ron and Paula Redman. The original patented design has served thousands since; the custom fit, quality control, and customer care is unmatched in the industry. 

“We created the Redman Power Chair because we saw such a need to return quality of life for thousands of people who were wheelchair-bound. It’s been an incredible feeling to be a part of so many wonderful journeys along the way” – Don Redman, Founder Redman Power Chair 

Don and Paula’s hope is that everyone struggling with mobility knows their options, and know that it is possible to get a quality standing wheelchair with the help of insurance and their 0% interest financing. Their team knows how to work with insurance companies and can help anyone in need of a wheelchair reclaim their quality of life. 

Redman Power Chair… move like never before

About Redman Power Chair: Redman Power Chair pioneered the standing motorized wheelchair over 35 years ago, combining fit and function with extreme reliability to enhance the lives of hundreds of satisfied customers. Our customers are the most discerning among power chair users and we enjoy many repeat buyers.

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