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US consumers will spend 2,500 minutes browsing Instagram each year. This is why seven million businesses have joined Instagram as a powerful marketing tool.

If you already use it for personal reasons, then why use Instagram for business? It’s a powerful platform that can drive sales, boost engagement, and increase exposure. More and more consumers are joining the platform each year, and you don’t want to miss out on the marketing opportunity.

Instagram may be the key to succeeding as a business. If you’re wondering how it can impact you, read on to discover the top nine benefits of Instagram as a business tool.

9 Benefits of Instagram in 2019 - Famoid

9 Benefits of Instagram in 2019 – Famoid

9 Benefits of Instagram for Your Business

If you’re wondering how to use Instagram for business, it’s an easy process that will boost sales. Every time you post a photo of a new product, you’re getting the customer’s attention and gaining their approval.

Don’t underestimate the power of using a social media platform for business. Here are the top nine benefits your company will experience by joining Instagram.

1. Increase Engagement

Business updates on Facebook or Twitter can easily get overlooked. When you post eye-catching photos on Instagram, you’re likely to get more engagement.

Why is engagement so important? Because consumer research shows that higher engagement is linked to increased sales.

Instagram is set up as a powerful visual platform, which means it’s a great place to post photos for attention. There are multiple outlets for engagement. Consumers can “like” photos, add comments, view stories, and send direct messages. The more your business is talked about, the more traffic you’ll get.

2. Boost Your Brand Following

Instagram is a great social media platform that lets you visually sell your brand. By posting photos that fit in with your company’s brand and style, you attract more customers.

It’s also important that potential customers have a way to learn about the integrity of your company. When you showcase your company’s character on more than one platform, it makes it easier for new customers to learn about you.

You can show a personal side to your business that lets consumers emotionally connect. Add videos to your Instagram stories or messages of encouragement to your captions. As users see posts that tell your brand’s story, they’ll fall in love with your brand.

3. Increase Traffic

It’s easy to link your Instagram profile to your company website, blog, or the product page. This is why using Instagram for business may be the best decision you’ll make this year.

Instagram users are more likely to click through to a site when a photo is engaging. You can post a photo of your new product and link it to your website’s product page. Today’s consumers enjoy the ease of browsing, so adding links will make your customers happy. By using this benefit of Instagram, you’ll direct more traffic to your site.

4. Get a Competitive Edge

One of the advantages of Instagram is that it’s still relatively new to business practices. This makes it a prime location to post your ads.

Facebook and Twitter are two platforms that are already over-saturated with ads. Because Instagram is used less by businesses, you have a stronger chance of beating your competition.

5. Connect with Your Target Audience

Depending on your company’s services, you might have a better shot at connecting with your target audience on Instagram. Over 60% of consumers aged 18-29 use the platform regularly. As it gains in popularity, the pool will widen to older and younger age groups.

6. Easy Advertising

Every photo you post is like a “free” advertisement. It’s a great opportunity to showcase your products and services.

If you set up a business profile, you can also use Instagram’s paid advertising feature. It allows you to schedule ads that include photos and captions to sell your brand.

7. Track Your Leads

Any leads and sales you get from Instagram ads can be tracked through the app. You get important data that shows you where your traffic is coming from.

Instagram will show you link clicks, where they came from, and when they happened. This is all essential data that you can analyze to boost your ROI.

8. Reach More Consumers

Instagram has one billion active users worldwide. If you haven’t taken advantage of this easy marketing opportunity, you’re missing out on sales.

Customers today like to browse products on their smartphones and shop on-the-go. When you show up on one of their favorite platforms, you’re more likely to get their attention. By sharing your brand on this marketing platform, you’ll reach more consumers and boost sales.

9. Interact with Others

Instagram provides a simple platform to interact with your online consumers. You can respond to comments and questions. If a customer posts a complaint, you can use the opportunity to mediate the situation.

Customer service is a key part of healthy business practices. When you don’t respond well to complaints, it will give your brand a bad rap. When you use platforms like Instagram to interact positively with users, it will boost your brand loyalty.

The app is also a great way for your social media marketing team to respond quickly. When you do this, 70% of consumers are likely to recommend your brand to others.

Who Should Use This Platform?

A huge portion of the traffic comes from consumers who use social media platforms to make purchase decisions. This means any business who wants to gain customers should advertise their company on Instagram.

Small businesses will benefit from this social platform by gaining exposure. Large companies can use Instagram to improve their customer’s trust and boost loyalty.

Today’s consumers spend three hours each day looking at their phones. This includes time spent scrolling photos and videos on Instagram. It gives your company a huge window of marketing opportunity.

Instagram users are even using the platform as a way to promote meet-ups and events. This turns the platform into a way for your company to market upcoming events or in-store sales.

How to Leverage the Power of Instagram

If you’re using Instagram to market your business, you need a plan and a purpose for editing the perfect post. You won’t be able to get away with random photos and captions riddled with typos. If you want to see the benefits of Instagram business, you have to use it well.

This means it might be time to hire a social media consultant if you haven’t already. A social media consultant will help you analyze your Instagram data and create a plan that targets your sales goals. If you’re wondering whether your business needs one, here are some benefits that an Instagram expert can bring you.

A Brand Advocate

A social media consultant will live and breathe your brand. Their goal is to share your brand’s story in a way that connects with consumers. By doing this, they’ll be able to boost engagement, improve loyalty, and drive sales.

They’ll use their knowledge of analytics and consumer behavior to optimize Instagram posts. You won’t need to flounder on the platform with 25 followers and 2 likes per post. You’ll see positive results when your social media consultant creates a strategy for your company’s Instagram.

More Time, More Money

Hiring someone to manage your Instagram marketing will leave you time to handle daily business tasks. Taking photos, finding popular hashtags, and tracking consumer behavior can be time-consuming. When you hand off this important task to someone who does it well, you’ll open up time to handle sales and make money.

A Cost-Efficient Process

Even if you’re confident that you can handle your business’ Instagram strategy, it will take a surprising amount of time each day. You might be slow in creating a caption or editing high-quality photos. This will lower the cost-efficiency of your business and could harm your business.

The investment of a social media consultant will be worth it in the long run. You’ll have more time for management tasks and see more sales coming in. With an expert on your team, you’ll be able to leverage the full potential of Instagram.

Your Visual Platform

Instagram is an emerging tool to increase sales and boost the popularity of your business. It’s a platform that’s open to everyone and gets millions of views every day.

If your business hasn’t joined the platform yet, now is the best time to experience the benefits of Instagram. Today’s consumers spend more time than ever browsing social platforms. They use online media to sway their shopping behavior. Because of this, you’ll want to expose your brand on Instagram as a company that’s worth following.

Don’t forget that using Instagram means you need to have a strategic plan to market your products. Hiring a social media consultant can optimize your strategy and boost the success of your Instagram posts.

Are you ready to be an influencer on Instagram? Contact our team today to gain likes and watch your profits grow.

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