Brea, CA, April 13, 2021 – It is difficult to know if your water is contaminated, and as scientific research has confirmed how important it is to keep hydrated, how do we know if the water we drink is having the opposite effect on our health? 

Reverse osmosis water filter systems are the answer to this question. It is a system that can be installed into your home and works by adding pressure to water, forcing it through a membrane, allowing only water molecules to pass through. Contaminants such as chlorine, fluoride, metals, and bacteria are left behind. 

RO water doesn’t just provide you with clean drinking water. It has many other added benefits! Here are our top nine. 

1. High-quality drinking water 

In order to achieve the high-quality water that RO systems produce, the water must first pass through certain stages. The systems are built with up to seven different RO filtration stages, with each stage becoming more intense than the last. The more stages the water passes through, the purer the water. 

2. Effective filtration 

Although there are other filtration methods available, not all of them have a small enough membrane to filter out the tiniest of molecules. Some of the smaller and more harmful pollutants are, phosphate, lead, mercury, arsenic, and fluoride, and without a RO system, they may still be found in your water. 

Many of these pollutants, can cause conditions such as cancer, reproductive problems, eye problems, and even bone growth. 

In addition to this, RO systems can remove pesticides and organic materials that are not safe for consumption. Leaving you with the cleanest and purest water possible. 

3. Environmentally friendly 

Many people opt for single-use plastic bottles for ease and to keep hydrated on the go. However, they are detrimental to the environment; a leading cause for not only land pollution, but to our oceans as well. 

By using a RO water filter system, you no longer need single-plastic bottles, as you can refill your own reusable bottle to take with you wherever you go. In addition to this, RO systems use much less energy to filter water in comparison to other methods. 

4. Your water will taste better 

RO water filter systems have been proven to remove toxic chemicals and pollutants from your water. Resulting in not only purer water, but also fresher and better-tasting water. Arguably, taste is dependent on individual preference but studies have indicated that people prefer the taste of RO water over tap water. 

5. Your food will taste better 

As explained above, a RO system provides you with purer and cleaner water. Therefore, it’s no surprise that your water not only tastes better, but your food does too. Many people have suggested that cooking with RO water, improved the flavor of their meals. In fact, many restaurants now use reverse osmosis to benefit them as well as the health of their customers.

6. Save money 

Are you aware of how much it would cost to switch to bottled water? Not to mention the environmental impact that plastic bottles have on the environment. Well, you can now have peace of mind that, by using a RO system, you are saving so much more money per year, as well as benefitting from convenient and cleaner water. 

7. Helps to eliminate the use of single plastic 

Even though most plastic can be recycled, it is rare that it actually is. With most of it ending up in landfills, on our streets, or even in our oceans, it is something that needs to stop. 

RO water systems can certainly promote the disuse of plastic, here are just a few benefits: 

  • Less plastic pollution 
  • Provides an endless supply of filtered water in your home
  • Convenient and easy to use 
  • Lower carbon footprint 
  • Environmentally friendly whilst meeting your water needs

8. Your water will be free from lead and cryptosporidium 

Cryptosporidium is a parasite that can be found in your drinking water, and is very dangerous to your health. It has been known to cause severe diarrhea, sickness, fever, and stomach cramps. In addition to this, lead is often found in your water and comes from the pipes that feed water to your home. Lead is toxic if consumed and, in high quantities, can cause brain damage, anemia, infertility, and nerve damage. 

9. Removes contaminants 

The ultimate aim in having a reverse osmosis water filter system in your home is to remove any harmful contaminants. As well as the two listed above, RO systems are designed to remove even the smallest of pollutants such as chlorine, arsenic, and bacteria. 

Removing these impurities, will protect your family from potential health complications whilst providing them with purer, fresher, and cleaner drinking water. 


It goes without saying that we need water to be able to stay alive, and live a healthy lifestyle. But if, in doing this, we are polluting our bodies with toxic water that can lead to serious health conditions, then we ought to be more careful. 

By installing a reverse osmosis water filter system, you can ensure that you and your family consume only the highest-quality RO drinking water

With so many added benefits, including minimal maintenance and being environmentally friendly, they are an absolute must within the home.

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