Crawl Space Ideas That Will Make You Want to Live In There

Did you know that 15% of all houses in the USA are built with crawl space?


Crawl space offers real advantages to the owners. Think of everything from extra space, to protection in case of flooding.


If you have a crawl space, you may be wondering how you can use the space in the best way. If so, check out our guide to the best crawl space ideas.


1. Extra Storage


With over 50.000 facilities for self-storage in the USA, it is true to say that everyone would like more storage. A crawl space is an ideal location to store your extra items.


This is one of the easiest renovations you need to make. You need to build a ramp to remove the dirt that is in your crawl space. Following this, you will need to add crawl space encapsulation to protect your possessions.


You may be planning to store sensitive items in your crawl space such as books or other paper or older items. In this case, ensure that the encapsulation is of good quality. If water enters the crawl space it will be disruptive to later remove everything to find the source.


2. Extra Bedroom


Whether you hear the pitter-patter of tiny feet, or you would just like more room for your guests, crawl space can be converted into a bedroom.


You will need to follow the same steps outlined above, including removing earth and adding encapsulation. However, if done successfully it can add a new dimension to your house.


Add stud walls with insulation. Take care to install safe electrical outlets and lighting. Guests will love the opportunity to stay in a room with so much character.


3. Family Room


Want a place where your family can relax, play games watch movies and make as much noise as they want? The crawl space is ideal for this. And what’s more, enjoying family times in the crawl space room will keep the rest of the house neat and tidy.


Simply follow the steps outlined for a bedroom above adding adequate wiring if you are thinking of hosting a refrigerator down there.


For added freedom, why not soundproof the ceiling? Your family can play games long into the evening without disturbing those sleeping in the rooms above.


4. Home Theater


Experts tell us that true home theater experience is more than simply a large TV. It impacts room design and acoustics. A crawl space room is ideal for this.


Following the steps for a family room, you can soundproof the room. After this, you can position the location of the TV and the speakers, and even their electrical sockets, exactly where you want.


If you are really in search of the perfect experience you can add room treatment, to dampen or control the behavior of the sound. Finally, you can locate each light source to complement the screen.


There really is no end to how well you can set up a home theater room. However, it is so much easier with a crawl space room as you as you are starting from scratch.


5. Workshop


Workshops have special requirements. For example, a carpenter may require air management to control dust, an electrician special lighting. However, all of this is possible in a crawl space room.


Simply dig out the dirt in your crawl space and then decide how you will organize your room. You may be able to save on decoration as you store your tools by hanging them on the cinder block existing there.


6. Tornado Shelter


If you live in a location with a significant chance or hurricanes or tornados, you may be able to take shelter in your crawl space.


True, existing crawl spaces may lack the reinforcement to be able to withstand the force of a tornado category storm. However, if you are building a house with a crawl space you can include it in the design.


Further, your existing crawlspace may have the potential for refurbishment as a shelter.


7. Office


Are you one of the more than 8 million Americans who now work at home? If so you may be looking for the best suited, most distraction-free location in your house to work from.


The crawl space may be the place for you. It is out of the way of other people. Also since it is a renovation project you can design and decorate it to match your own personal taste.


8. Rental Opportunity


If you have a crawl space and are not sure what to do about it, you have the opportunity to think truly out of the box. Why not follow the steps above and turn it into a rental room?


You can decorate it tastefully, depending on the size you may be able to add a small toilet room. Some have even been able to list their room as a small rental available via Airbnb.


9. Wine Cellar


Last but definitely not least, you can use your crawl space in one of the most traditional ways possible – a wine cellar.


By controlling the environment with damp proof sealing and ensuring the temperature is correct, you can turn your crawl space into one of the classiest rooms in the house.


Crawl Space Ideas and Much More


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