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Picking a color palette used to be a cumbersome process.

It isn’t anymore! With today’s technology, it’s easy to find inspiration for freshening up your living room. From the cerulean blue waters of Key West to the light mint green of Rock Springs Run, inspiration is everywhere!

Choosing the right color for your living room is a chance to set your creative side free!

The important thing to remember when picking a color palette for your living room is to pick something you love. To help you get started, we have picked out some of the best colors for your living room.

Best Colors for Your Living Room

Whether you want a classic color scheme or something bold inspired by Iris Apfel, putting a fresh coat of paint on your walls is sure to breath new life into your living room.

Are you having a hard time visualizing it? Try using a visualizer on your computer or on your phone.

You don’t have to worry about being great at painting. Let professional painters handle the job. Spend your time planning that dinner party next week to show off your new interior to your guests!

We have picked out 9 of our favorite colors for your Florida living room. From subtle to sultry, we’ve got something you’re sure to love!


Papayas warmth can brighten any interior and create a welcoming environment. It will lend itself to creating feelings of optimism and encouragement. It is a great color to choose to enhance the natural light in your living room.

Papaya’s sultry and energizing hue pairs well with colors like relaxed khaki and creamy white. For a bolder color scheme, try pairing it with colors like Limón Fresco or Picnic.

Surf Green

Surf Green has a deeper, moodier value. Choosing this color for your living room will allow you to create an environment that is calm, relaxing, and secure. With its blend of green and blue hues, your color pairing options are expanded!

Surf Green’s vivid and alluring hue pairs well with colors like Green Trance and Steamed Milk. For a color scheme that’s more vivid, try pairing it with colors like Rayo de Sol or Emerging Taupe.

Palm Leaf

Palm Leaf will give your living room an elegant and classic feel. With it’s deep, rich hue, this color will create an atmosphere tailored to conversation. Guests will feel relaxed and open, as you enjoy a nice glass of your favorite Rosa Fiorelli wine.

Palm Leaf’s rich hue pairs well with colors like Alabaster and Dried Edamame. For a more daring color scheme, try pairing it with gold and black accents.

Sea Salt

If you are looking for a subtle pop of color, Sea Salt is the perfect hue for your living room. With its grayish-green hue, it’s perfect for any Florida home. This color will lend itself to creating a fresh and relaxing environment.

Sea Salt pairs well with colors such as Summit Gray and Fleur de Sel. This neutral color will pair well with wood tones and gold.


Alpaca is a great neutral choice for your living room. If you are afraid to commit to a vibrant color, choosing a neutral color will allow you a blank slate when decorating your room.

Alpaca has a purple-gray hue that will help you create a renewing and optimistic environment. It pairs well with colors like backdrop and Sundried Tomato.

Try pairing this wall color with reddish wood tones or crisp whites.

Ardent Coral

Coral is a popular color this year, and for good reason! Ardent Coral’s bright and vibrant hue will be sure to create an environment that is energizing and optimistic.

It is the perfect choice from a Florida color palette. It is sure to create a room that is warm and welcoming, which is inviting to guests.

Coral pairs well with colors such as Fragile Beauty and Vintage Vessel.

Venetian Yellow

If you are looking for something cheerful and warm, then Venetian Yellow is a perfect choice for your living room. It’s bright and renewing hue will add optimism to your home!

Venetian Yellow pairs well with colors such as Serengeti Glass and Westhighland White. By pairing it with a complementary color like Veri Beri, you can create a unique living room look.

Unique Gray

Unique Gray will be sure to create a crisp and clean environment in your living room. Gray is known for its versatility and relaxing effect.

Unique Gray pairs well with Gris Morado and White Heron. If you prefer to do something different than a monochromatic color scheme, try pairing it with colors like Raging Sea, Delft or Obi Lilac.

Abalone Shell

Abalone Shell is another great choice for a neutral color. The warm hue will allow you to create a welcoming environment for your guests.

Abalone Shell pairs well with colors such as Eider White and Aqua-Sphere.

Painting Your Living Room

Now that you have decided on the perfect color of paint for your living room, it’s time to get started painting it! You could choose to try and tackle the project yourself, but we think you’ll be happier letting a professional painter do it for you!

Why Hire a Professional?

There are many great reasons to allow a professional painter to help you with this project. By investing in some help, you will save yourself some time, and a headache.


A professional painter will be able to deliver a high-quality paint job. We know how to edge by trim, windows, and the ceiling. We also know how to correctly prep each wall for paint, leaving your room with a crisp new look.

No need to worry about paint dripping, splattering or globbing. Professional painters get your home looking perfect.

Save Some Time

Professional painters have a system down that allows us to paint efficiently. We have the right equipment, including high-quality drop clothes, to protect your home.

Since painting is our job, we have the time dedicated to doing it! That means no more trying to squeeze it into your busy schedule between work, taking care of the kids, and entertaining guests.

Create a New Living Room Look Today

Let’s breathe some new life into your living room with a fresh coat of paint. We’ve got the best colors for your living room. Give us a call today, and start loving your home again!