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Curtains are a wonderful addition to your home décor.  They give a unique feel by partially blocking the sunlight and regulating the colour scheme of your rooms. When chosen correctly, they add style and glamour to your house. If you’re planning to buy a new set of window drapes but not sure about how to get started, don’t worry. Here’s a useful guide for different kinds of curtains and how to choose one that’s perfect for your space and lifestyle.

When investing in a set of window drapes, you need to consider a few important factors like the fabric, length, colour and design. We shall discuss the different kinds of drapery designs trending these days.

Trending Curtain Designs for Your Living Space

Curtains are a common item that you’ll find in almost every home. Though seemingly simple, choosing the perfect drapes isn’t an easy job. Take a look at these stylish designs and pick the one that adds beauty and personality to your space.

  1. Jaunty Stripes

Stripes and summer go hand in hand. Bold vertical stripes look great against white and light-coloured background. If you have plain furniture, go for curtains in multi-colour jaunty stripes to bring life to your home décor.

  1. Colour Blocks

In recent years, the term ‘colour blocking’ has become a huge trend in the world of fashion. It simply means that you combine two or more different colours to make a bold statement.  You can either limit your choice to the same colour family for a harmonious look, or try experimenting with bold shades. Neon drapes go well with light-coloured rooms and pastel drapes pair perfectly with dark-coloured rooms.

  1. Textured Fabric

Take a break from the common designs and try the textured fabric. It subtly adds to the dimension of your room that looks modest yet sophisticated. Concentrate on the quality of the fabric, rather than the prints. You normally get them in light shades like ivory and beige. However, bright shades are also available.

  1. Pom Poms

Perfect for any occasion or room decoration, pom poms are everywhere these days. Available in a variety of colors and materials, they can easily add a pop of colour to your home interiors. Make your white curtains look more interesting by adding pom poms in a strikingly contrast color.

  1. Geometric Patterns

Geometric patterns are versatile and make your room look vibrant. They go well with modern as well as antique furniture. The abstract patterns add depth and dimension to your windows, while their rigid structure makes your room look clean.

  1. Bold Contrast

Contrasts are in vogue. If bold contrasting drapes are on your mind, go ahead and experiment. They make the windows the focus of your room, while giving your interiors a fresh feel.

  1. Smart Checks

Checks are an everlasting charm. The print looks smart and comforting. Go for multi-coloured or single-coloured checks to give a warm touch to your home décor. They pair perfectly with simple bold-colour furniture and neutral walls.

  1. Sheer Drapes

Sheer curtains are unlined and translucent drapes which soften the ambience of your room. They are lightweight, versatile and classy. They offer the right balance between sunlight control and privacy. You can either use them alone or pair them up with blackout lined curtains for a dramatic look.

Before You Buy Trendy Curtains Consider the Following Factors


The material of your curtain decides how well they’ll complement the interiors and how long they’ll last. It also determines their usefulness. For example, if the fabric is too light, the folds may not open properly and if they’re too heavy, the folds won’t look neat and crisp. Fabrics like silk, linen, velvet and faux silk are great options. They drape well and fall gracefully on your windows.


Avoid bright coloured drapes in rooms with lots of light as they may fade away sooner. Instead, go for pastel shades to make your room look more spacious. Rich shades like maroon and royal blue go perfectly with dining areas and bigger spaces in your house. Always consider the colour of your furniture when buying window treatments.


Generally, floor length curtains look good in any room, except kitchens and nurseries where they may cause some inconvenience. For a clean and fuller look, go for floor length curtains or let them hang about an inch above. For kitchens, bathrooms and other small spaces, an apron-length drapery is a good option. Always hang your curtains above the window frame and below the ceiling. This makes your windows look tall and elegant.


A lot of fabrics, for example silk, needs lining. Without lining, they fade faster and lose their luster. Lining also adds body and fullness to your window draperies.

Curtains can make or break the aesthetics of your home. Every window needs a perfect complement and when you do it right, they become the focus of your room. You have a lot of options to choose from, ranging in materials, patterns, designs and colours. Versatile and customizable, there’s so much you can do with curtains to recreate your home interior.