8 Connect Consulting received an undisclosed 7-figure investment from Hiddan LLC to launch a new service 8X. 8 Connect Consulting is already established for developing innovative digital products in Singapore.


Singapore, 18 May 2021 – 8 Connect Consulting received a 7-figure investment from Hiddan LLC. For many years, they have been a trusted technology partner for agencies throughout Singapore. The newly formed 8X team will be based in the US.

In recent news by the Singapore’s Economic Development Board, Singapore’s appeal to tech investors grows with global shift to remote work, industry observers said having stakeholders close by is no longer crucial for collaboration in this digital age – especially in a small city like Singapore.

8 Connect Consulting, a Singapore-based technology company, is proud to announce that it has received an undisclosed 7-figure investment from US-based Hiddan LLC to launch a new service 8X. 8 Connect Consulting is already established for developing innovative digital products in Singapore.

About its 8X service, 8 Connect Consulting shares that, “8X will be a newly launched premium service that complements FirstSite. The new team comes with more than a decade of excellent track record in SEO. We help business owners take the guesswork out of your SEO strategy with a data-driven, comprehensive, and personalized strategy that is tailored to your business needs. 8X guarantees business owners leads and traffic through proprietary “easy win” methods and video marketing.”

The newly formed team will also be developing free business education content for business owners on a new site 8cademy.com. The short-form content will contain tips for business owners by industry leaders and subject matter experts. It will be made available as a website and progressive web app accessible on any device. Each being less than 5 minutes long, available in text and video.

To learn more about 8 Connect Consulting, visit their website at www.8connect.com.

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In addition to its 8X product, 8 Connect Consulting’s current flagship product FirstSite “is powerful enough for marketing agencies and simple enough for entrepreneurs. FirstSite makes it easier for marketing agencies to create and optimize websites for their clients. It also enables entrepreneurs to quickly create, test, and launch new business ideas without having to spend time or money on a web designer.”

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About its product innovation, 8 Connect Consulting says that “Winning With Innovation is our personalized application advisory service to help business owners build digital products for their business.”

8 Connect Consulting is founded by two serial entrepreneurs, Jean Tan and Ng Ming Liang, who have helped over 200+ agencies, event organizers and entrepreneurs with their technology needs and solutions. Their award-winning team is here to assist you whether your goals are building an agency, developing a revenue stream through digital or just making sure you’re ranking better on search. They are a partner that wins with you.

About 8 Connect Consulting: Starting in 2005, 8 Connect Consulting is a technology company that is headquartered in Singapore with 40+ staff in offices across 4 countries. The company’s 4 business areas are FirstSite, WinningWithInnovation, Domain and Cloud hosting, and 8X. 

For more information about 8 Connect Consulting, please visit www.8connect.com today!

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