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Recent census information revealed that April 2020 saw the sale of 623,000 new homes. That’s up from 619,000 homes sold in March. People are looking to purchase new homes and one place to look in is Manhattan Beach, California.

Manhattan Beach is a beautiful area to purchase your new home. It has great neighborhoods to raise your family.

If you’ve recently moved to Manhattan Beach or are looking to move here with your family, there are some great activities for everyone to enjoy together. It’ll definitely convince your kids that moving is a great choice!

Keep reading to see our list of the best family activities for new residents of Manhattan Beach.

1. The Kettle Is the Perfect Breakfast Stop

A late Saturday morning is the perfect time to head out to get some breakfast with the family. The Kettle is the perfect local spot to get your grub on together. This place is known for its delicious, fresh muffins and Disney themed pancakes perfect for your younger kids.

The Kettle is open all day if you also want to experience the always-wonderful breakfast for dinner. It also has great outdoor seating for those wanting to get a little California sun while they eat their meal.

2. Check out Pages for Some Educational Fun

Pages: a bookstore is a great independent bookstore to pick up some reads for a little downtime. You want to keep your family activities a bit educational, so take them down to Pages to pick out a couple of titles they can read before bed.

This bookstore also hosts a lot of great events you can check out throughout the year. Readings from local authors, book clubs, and storytime for children are just some of the events you can attend.

3. Take a Stroll in Downtown Manhattan Beach

Downtown Manhattan Beach is the perfect place for the entire family! Whether you want to do some shopping with friends, get dinner with your partner, or visit the farmers market with your family, you can do it all.

You’ll feel great about supporting the many locally owned businesses that have set up shop in this area. You can also take a stroll down the beautiful and historic Manhattan Beach Pier. You’ll always find something every member of your family will love to do in Downtown Manhattan Beach.

4. Fun in the Sun and a Day at the Beach

What’s the best part about moving your family to Manhattan Beach? Well, of course, it’s got to be visiting the beach as much as you want!

While you might think to rent a home or vacation here is the better option, there are so many benefits to owning a home. Owning a home in Manhattan Beach comes with the luxury of living so close to the beach, you can spend time there every day if you want.

Known as one of the most well-kept and beautiful Pacific Ocean beaches, heading down to spend a weekend at this beach with family is something you can do all the time. There are great waves for surfers of every skill level and shallow areas for the less experienced swimmers to play around in the water.

5. Polliwog Park Is the Perfect Spot for the Kids

One of the best parks in Manhattan Beach has got to be Polliwog Park. There are so many fun family activities to do there.

You can go to the park to watch the ducks and geese swim around. You can also relax as you let your little ones play at the children’s playground. This park is a beautiful place to have a family picnic while getting some sun.

6. Check out the Roadhouse Aquarium

If you want your kids to learn (in a fun way) about the marine life native to your new hometown, then take a trip to the Roadhouse Aquarium. You’ll learn about some really cool animals when you visit the aquarium, including the leopard shark, moon jelly, and the wolf eel.

The aquarium also offers some great on-site classes and a wonderful summer camp to keep the kids learning when they’re out of school.

7. Check out the Summer Surf Movie Series

A great thing to do, especially during the summer, is to watch movies outside. This is an activity the whole family can enjoy.

If it’s summer in Manhattan Beach, you’ve got to check out the Summer Surf Movie Series. Once a week, during the summer months, the Manhattan Beach Library courtyard turns into a movie theater.

A family-friendly film is projected on a screen and everyone is welcome to come, free of charge. Make sure you bring some comfy blankets or beach chairs and some snacks from home to enjoy this fun family outing.

8. Get Some Exercise and Do Some Biking

Who says that living where everyone vacations means that you just have to lay on the beach during your free time? You can turn your family activities into some fun exercise sessions.

Head down the Marvin Braude Bike Trail, or as the locals call it, The Strand. This bike path stretches for 22 miles along the beautiful Pacific Coastline. Hermosa Cyclery has many bikes available to rent or even some rollerblades if you’re feeling adventurous.

Fun Family Activities If You’re New to Manhattan Beach

If you’re thinking about moving to Manhattan Beach, California, or are a new resident, there are plenty of fun family activities to take part in. The list above includes some of the best.

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