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The days exercising doesn’t just mean hitting the gym and either lifting weights or getting on a cardio machine for an hour. There are so many more options available now!

One of the best fitness options available on the market right now is pilates.

Pilates is usually compared with yoga since they both focus on flexibility, mobility, and strengthening. But pilates offers more variety of benefits than yoga does and is applicable to all the different fitness stages in one class.

Whether you’re already deep in your relationship with pilates or looking for reasons to start, check out 8 benefits of pilates that you’ll get with each workout!

1. “Core” Benefits of Pilates

The biggest and most noticeable health benefits of pilates are way better core strength.

Not only visually will you see a difference in your abdominals, but you will also be reaping the benefits of a stronger core.

Core strength is actually linked to almost all of your muscles function from walking, running to sitting, to even performing lunges. None of these movements can be completed without some form of core strength.

Having them strengthened? You’ll be able to run for longer and perform lunges without losing your balance!

2. Flexibility

Most people think that because they’ve never in their life been flexible that they never will be. Like with everything in life, practice makes perfect.

There are a variety of pilates classes available but the main focus on all of them is improving your flexibility. This doesn’t mean you’ll be off doing the splits after a few classes, but you will notice a difference in your muscles and joints that comes with added flexibility and movement.

3. Toning & Stretching All Your Muscles

The biggest thing you’ll hear about pilates is that it’s a holistic approach to exercise. Why? Because it works your entire body in one class.

Pilates is slow movements aimed to stretch our every muscle all throughout your body for that ‘long and lean’ look. This is why you see most pilates enthusiasts looking for tall, lean, and toned all over without the bulkiness you see from weightlifting.

4. Low-Impact For Your Joints

If you’re someone who can’t do high-impact exercises like running or weightlifting then this benefit of pilates is definitely for you.

Because pilates focuses on slow and controlled movements aimed at stretching your muscles, you won’t be putting extra pressure on your joints thus making it a pretty low-impact activity.

Be sure to let your instructor know of any potential issues so that you’re not injuring yourself pushing too hard during a session. This will also be helpful for instructors to factor in any mobility issues you may have and work with those with you.

5. Better Posture

Since pilates provides core strength and focuses on honing in the lengthening and leaning of your muscles, you’re going to see a difference in your posture!

Core strength and stretching out muscles help to keep your spine upright in its proper position with your head up and shoulders back. It’s no wonder the people that do pilates seem so confident and tall, it’s all about the posture.

So even if that’s the only benefits of pilates you get (trust us it won’t be!) at least you’ll be walking around confidently.

6. Suffering From Back Pain? Pilates Can Help!

Speaking of better posture, it can help alleviate that pesky back pain you’re having.

The majority of the time back pain stems from poor posture and sitting for long periods of time pilates can help you fix that.

Additionally, most great pilates studios will be trained in some form of physical therapy and you will see those therapeutic movements incorporated in each pilates class.

You can speak with the instructor beforehand to let them know of any complaints you have so that they can adjust their class to incorporate some helpful movements for you. Or better yet, offer you some tips and tricks as take-home homework activities.

7. Mind To Body Connection

Pilates movements are slow and require concentration. This means the pathway of focusing to connect your mind to your body’s movements is crucial to reap the benefits.

Most of the time you won’t even realize you’re doing it! Those slow movements let your brain really connect to what you’re doing and allow it to take its time concentrating on the movement.

In your classes, you will notice yourself really feeling the muscle that’s being stretched and even identifying any stiffness or blockages you may have in the area. Don’t worry, it’s a good thing! It means you’ll be able to get to the root of movement and mobility issues you maybe never even knew you had.

8. More Energy

The odd paradox that comes with any type of exercise is that you’ll find yourself having more energy. But when it comes to pilates that energy is a bit different.

Immediately after the class, you will feel very loose and energized for the rest of your day. This is due in part in the slow moments and concentration that allows your brain and body to ‘take a break’ from its busy thoughts and work.

When your body gets that good stretch going, you’ll also have a better flow of things through your body be it oxygen, blood, or even just that good energy.

Experience The Benefits of Pilates Yourself!

The benefits of pilates don’t just start and end with only 8 types. There are plenty more benefits that we could spend all day writing about!

Don’t just take our word for it, it’s worth getting yourself booked into an introductory class to try it out and see for yourself. You just might get hooked on it!

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