There is nothing quite like being out on the open road travelling from place to place in a car or campervan. Road trips give you the freedom to explore new destinations at your own pace, while also carrying your belongings and not having to worry about public transport or expensive taxis. Saying this, a fun road trip can turn into a challenging experience if you don’t put in a little prep work. Read on for our top seven tips on how to stay sane during your next road trip.


Every road trip needs a soundtrack, fact! One of the best ways to get your road trip off on the right note is to bring along the right music. You can create playlists prior to your travels and listen to them on the way. Many vehicles will have cables that allow you to plug your smartphone into the sound system and blare out your favourite tunes as you travel to new places and spaces. If you need a little help, we love this article on how to create the best road trip playlist ever.

Food and Snacks

Snacks are essential too. Pack things last a long time without refrigeration, such as trial mix, crisps and dried fruit – you’ll be sure to snack on them on the way. Looking for some inspiration? Check out this article for the best snacks for road trips.

Gas Stops

And there is a different kind of fuel to consider, and that is gas or petrol for your vehicle. Depending on where you are driving to, gas stops may be limited. Never underestimate how far away the nearest gas stop may be. always try and plan out your route, so you have an indication as to where you can refuel.

Sat Nav

No one likes getting lost, so it’s always best to have some sort of GPS system to rely on during your trip. Many luxury camper van companies will allow you to rent them (or sometimes they come with the car). You can also load up your route on Maps on your phone and refer to it when you need to.


Allow yourself some extra flexibility and freedom when it comes to your road trip. Yes, it is nice to have a set route and itinerary planned, but at the same time, part of the road trip adventure is being able to spend as much time as you want in each destination.


Road trips aren’t all about the driving. Often, you will have plenty of time to stop and soak up the natural beauty of the area, be it in parks or by the ocean. You can bring along a few fun games or a simple pack of cards to play when you have some downtime.

First Aid

Most rental vehicles will come with some sort of first aid kit. If not, make sure that you are fully prepared by bringing along some of the basics, such as plasters or bandages, headache tablets, and antiseptic cream. If you are travelling in cool environments, then you may need snow chains and an emergency thermal blanket. In hot ones you should bring along sun cream with a high SPF and extra water.

There you have it, seven ways to have a wonderful road trip. Happy travels!