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You make it a point to follow traffic laws and drive cautiously. Unfortunately, you cannot prevent others from making poor choices that lead to a car accident. What you can do is create a plan that helps you react appropriately after an accident occurs and protects your claim.

Following these steps can prevent you from overlooking critical evidence that insurance companies request before paying out claims. The information that you record can make a difference in the compensation you receive.

Make Smart Decisions To Build A Strong Claim

  1. Although car accidents can be traumatic, it is critical that you remain calm after a collision. Maintaining your cool allows you to make rational decisions that protect your health and the safety of your passengers.
  2. If you determine that no one is suffering from serious injuries, try to move your vehicle to a safe place. Easing your car to the road’s shoulder or a side street will help you review the damage and speak to the other driver without putting yourself at risk from oncoming traffic.
  3. Call the police to help secure the scene and record important accident information. Even if you are involved in a fender bender, it is wise to have an officer complete an accident report. You can submit this report along with your claim and may rely on it if the other driver changes his or her story.
  4. Document all car accident evidence, including images of the cars involved, the accident scene, damage to the road and road signage. It is also crucial to get eyewitness testimony and photograph your injuries. This personal accident report identifies valuable information that you may want to include when you are filling out your claim.
  5. Exchange information with the other driver so that you can provide these details to the insurance company.
  6. Get a medical checkup as soon as you are able. Various accident injuries, such as soft-tissue injuries, traumatic brain injuries or back injuries, may not become evident until days after your accident. Doctors are trained to identify these injuries and can document them on a medical report. Their findings can go a long way toward protecting your claim.
  7. Speak to a skilled personal injury attorney about your claim before you file it. Whether you are submitting this form to your insurer or the at-fault driver’s insurer, you need to have an ally to defend your right to fair compensation. Claims adjusters work to limit payouts, not to give you the compensation you deserve. As your advocate, your attorney acts to promote your best interests.

Car accidents are overwhelming experiences. But if you prepare for them, the steps you take today can help guide your actions and protect your claim tomorrow.

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