There is not a smellier problem than a sewer problem!

Sewer problems are very frustrating especially when you cannot see what is causing the problem. You can end up spending a lot of money trying to locate the problem and fix it and probably end up paying for a non-existent problem.

Identifying the cause of any sewer problem is the first step towards fixing it and that is where a sewer camera comes in. With this camera, your professional plumber can see exactly what is causing the problem and use the right method to fix it.

7 Problems That Only a Sewer Camera Can Find

Sewer cameras are waterproof cameras attached to a flexible rod or cable that led through the sewer pipes to help detect any problems in them. The cameras have radio transmitters that record the location of the problem so that the plumber can know exactly where to go and how to fix it.

Using a sewer camera inspection means that you will not have to dig up your yard to try and locate the cause of the problem. This will not only save you a lot of money but will also leave your yard intact.

If the problem with your sewer is on a visible part of the plumbing, you can easily DIY or hire a plumber to fix it at low cost. However, this is not always the case. Here are some sewer problems that only a plumbing camera can detect.

1. Clogs in Pipes

One of the common sewer problems that homeowners have to deal with is clogged pipes. It might seem easy just to fix the clog using a snake machine but this can sometimes punch a hole through the clog instead of removing it.

It is better to learn what is causing the blockage and get rid of it completely to stop the situation from occurring again. The sewer camera will help you see the clog, know its cause, and how to fix it.

Your plumber can then use only the right solution for the clogged pipe to help preserve your pipes.

2. Tree Roots

If you have tress in your home, then there are high chances that you might have to deal with this kind of plumbing problem. Tree root infiltration is common with pipes that are made out of cast iron, clay, or other porous materials.

Tree roots dig through cracks in the pipes in search of water and this in turn not only blocks your pipes put also damages them. Fixing this problem can be very costly because of the damages and work involved.

Cameras are flexible and can easily go through the pipes and help locate any infiltration by the tree roots. This means the plumber can be able to diagnose the problem without having to dig up the lawn first.

3. Broken or Cracked Pipes

A camera inspection helps detect any defects on your pipes and you will be able to know if they are broken or cracked.

Brocken and cracked pipes lead to leakages which can cause you to pay higher water bills especially if the crack is on the water pipes. Sewer leaks release untreated waste, which is not good for the environment either. A sewer camera will help you know exactly what you are dealing with and how much it will cause you to fix it.

4. Collapsed Sewer Pipes

Blockages in sewer lines can at times be due to collapsed pipes. Without using the camera, your plumber will not be able to tell if the pipes are collapsed.

The cameras will be able to tell if the pipe is collapsed or damaged, including the exact location of the collapse.

5. Bellied or Sagging Pipes

When the sewer pipes sag or descend, they become bellied. This then allows dirt, debris, and any other kind of wastes to get caught up in the sag and often, this results in repeat blockages. When seals that are between the pipes become loose, they can leak waste from the pipes.

Sewer lines made from metals that corrode and degrade create more issues and can be a big problem if not addressed immediately. The camera will allow the plumber to pinpoint the exact location of the sag to fix it.

6. Major Blockages

Years of constantly sending grease, hair, paper, and other waste that should otherwise go through the waste disposal or the trashcan down the sewer drain can cause a build-up that can severely block the pipes.

Your pipes might be in perfect condition but when blocked with such waste they will not function properly. Sewer camera service will locate the location of the blockage so the plumber can to fix it.

7. A Sewer Camera Can Help Detect Rust in Pipes

Sewer pipes made form metal are prone to rusting with time. When the metal excessively corrodes, it becomes weak and this will cause it to crack.

Corrosion, if not dealt with can spread and therefore, it is important to replace all corroded pipes as soon as you detect them.

If your drains are backing up, your drainage is wreaking, or you have noticed some puddles of water or sewage in your yard, then you might be having a problem with your sewer drainage. The moment you detect these telltale signs; ensure you call a plumber.

Plumbing problems are almost impossible to live with, and you will only have peace of mind once you can detect it and fix it as soon as possible. Using sewer cameras will help you do just that.

Ensure You Enlist a Plumber Who Can Utilize a Sewer Camera in Their Service

A sewer camera inspection can help you save a lot of money that you could have otherwise used to repair and fix the sewer problems over and over again. Using it will also save you for having to pay or misdiagnosed plumbing issues.

We offer professional sewer camera inspection services to help you know the exact problem you have with your sewer line before you can spend money on excavation and repairs that might be unnecessary.

If you suspect you have a sewer problem in your home, act fast to avoid any further damages. Check out our website, and take a look at our services page for excellent plumbing services.

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