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If you are considering taking on a painting project, hiring a commercial painter in Chelmsford, MA is an efficient, high quality choice for the job. 

Across the country, there are more than 5.6 million commercial buildings. These house a wide variety of companies from small family-owned businesses to multi-million dollar cooperations. But one thing they all have in common is the need for a good paint job.

Your commercial space is a direct reflection of your business, so you want it to send the right message, which should be professional and appealing. All of those things can be accomplished through paint. From its first paint job to the touching up and maintenance over the years, using a commercial painter in Chelmsford, MA is the best way to get the results you’re looking for.

Still on the fence? We’ve compiled a list of the top seven reasons you should go with a Massachusetts painting contractor.

1. Quality Materials

As with most projects, the type of materials used plays a big role in the final product. The better the materials you start with the better you’re results will be. This is especially true for painting projects.

High-quality paint makes all of the difference. It has more full coverage, it has a beautiful finish, and it has lustrous colors.

Not only do commercial painting businesses have access to all of these types of painting supplies, but they also can help you make the best decisions. They likely have experience with a wide variety of brands, sheens, and color choices. They will be able to give you solid, sound advice that will help make your project an overall success.

2. Necessary Equipment

Painting any space requires a lot of equipment. From the preparation stage, with painter’s tape and plastic coverings. To the actual painting tools; brushes, rollers, extension poles, ladders, and trays. It’s a lot to have to acquire to do the job yourself.

A professional painter will have all of those tools (and more) already available.

You won’t be responsible for making sure you can reach all of the high points of your building. Or making sure you have enough paint to finish the job. That’s all up to the painters. The relief of that pressure is reason enough to hire commercial painters for all of your painting needs.

3. Knowledge for All Types of Projects

Not only are the materials and tools critical to the success of a paint job, but the technique used is as well. It takes a lot of practice and knowledge to be able to complete a large painting job with few mistakes and a quality finish. Especially if you’re trying to get the job done in a timely manner.

Commercial painters have a deep understanding of how to do a job correctly and in the most efficient way. They’ve done all the trial and error so you can reap the benefits.

There’s also a difference between interior painting and exterior painting techniques, which you won’t have to learn if you just hire a painting service!

4. Quicker Timeline

Once you’ve decided that you want to paint your commercial building, chances are you want it to happen as soon as possible. No one gets an idea for improvement and then wants to wait for months to see the end result.

Hiring commercial painters will help you push your timeline forward compared to doing the whole task on your own.

A commercial painter will be able to work based on your desired timeline because they have the experience and understand of ways to speed up the whole process. And as an added bonus, you and the rest of the company can continue to work while they’re getting the project done!

5. Satisfaction Guaranteed Results

Obviously, when you decide to paint your commercial business you want it to turn out a specific way. You’ve likely pictured how it looks and the changes that will be made.

Working with a commercial painter gives you confidence that you’ll get that desired look as they offer satisfaction guarantees.

If, for some reason, you’re not happy with the end product your painters will fix the problems. They’ll work with you to make tweaks to the paint job until you get what you want. But chances are, you’ll be happy from the beginning since they have all of the experience and training behind them.

6. Detail-Oriented Finishes

One of the main reasons that a commercial painter can guarantee their work is because they are very detail-oriented.

Paying attention to the details and finishings is what makes the difference between an exceptional result and a poor one. It means there will be clean, crisp lines between colors or areas. It means a smooth finish without streaking or bubbling. And it means full coverage without gaps.

All of those details add up to a beautifully finished product that everyone can be proud of.

Being detail-oriented also means that the whole process is as clean as possible. There won’t be spills or drips to clean-up, which can easily take away from the end product.

7. Maintenance Services

After your paint job is completed it will look fresh and clean, like a brand new building. Unfortunately, it won’t stay that way forever.

As the paint ages, it will fade and even some begin to chip. The UV rays from the sun and the exposure from the elements play a large role in how the paint breaks down over time. The look of the paint is also affected by dirt and grime.

Some commercial painters offer maintenance services to keep your paint job looking fresh and new for years to come. That would include touch-ups and regular pressure-washing.

Hiring a Commercial Painter in Chelmsford, MA

A good paint job can completely transform the look of a space. It can take it to a whole new level and change the whole story the building tells.

But a good paint job doesn’t just happen. It requires diligence, proper technique, high-quality materials, and equipment. All things you’ll find from the best commercial painter in Chelmsford, MA.

If you’re interested in getting more information and seeing your options, contact us today for a free quote!