As enjoyable as camping is, it’s not without its risks.

Nature is a powerful force that can turn into a foe in an instant. From wild animals to adverse weather events, there are myriad of emergencies that can happen.

This is where it pays to prepare.

You bring the bear spray, hiking gear, rations, thermal blankets, and other necessities to stay safe in the wild. Yet, you could be forgetting your most important accessory.

Survival backpacks are critical parts of any camping preparedness plan. Today, we’re sharing seven reasons why more men than ever are making them the first things they pack when they’re ready for an outdoor adventure.

Ready to learn more? Let’s go!

1. Prepping is on the Rise

From television shows to online forums, the media is replete with communities that enjoy sharing their best tips and tricks for disaster preparedness.

While this has always been a rich, albeit niche market, it’s jumped in popularity over the past few years. In fact, research shows that two-thirds of Americans have purchased supplies to help them survive a natural or political disaster.

This spending isn’t limited to bug-out bags and canned goods. The same data reveals that in 2017, bomb shelter purchases were up by a staggering 700%.

Survival backpacks fit into this sphere, as they’re designed to hold everything you’d need to stay alive in the face of a crisis. More affordable and compact than other gear in this market, they’re a practical and convenient way to condense emergency supplies into a portable format.

2. The Outdoors Can Be Dangerous

You’ve heard of packing a survival kit backpack to use in the event of a disaster, but why are these popping up on the camping scene all of a sudden?

The answer is simple: While enjoyable, this activity can be dangerous and even deadly. If you’re already packing a backpack to travel with, it makes sense to turn it into a well-stocked one.

A few of the concerns that campers face when they set out to make the outdoors their bedroom include:

  • Tick-borne diseases
  • Hypothermia
  • Heat stroke
  • Poison ivy
  • Wildlife, especially bears

While you can’t control when an emergency will occur, you can be ready. In a dire situation, the best survival backpacks can help you and your companions survive for days while you wait for help to arrive.

3. They Provide Necessary Resources

Sure, it would be convenient to travel with a personal chef, meteorologist, nurse, and nature guide.

However, that would take away the rustic fun of roughing it that compels most men to camp in the first place.

When you invest in survival bags, you have firsthand access to these resources, packaged into handy formats that are easy to stash and grab on the go. Some of these must-haves include items that help support:

  • Basic sanitation and hygiene
  • First-aid
  • Food and water provision
  • Weather protection
  • Light and communication
  • Water purification

When you’re deep in the woods or on a trail, you’re miles from modern amenities. It’s a relief to know that help is right there.

4. They’re More Discreet Than Ever Before

In the past, traditional bug-out bags featured a military-style design that stuck out like a sore thumb. They were obvious, easy to spot in a crowd and defeated any attempts to keep your survival efforts on the down-low.

Now? They look as sleek and stylish as any other tactical backpack. This makes them perfect for camping and traveling in a group.

To find the most durable backpack, look for ones that feature strong and comfortable straps, as well as cushions that won’t strain your back after long stints. Weather-resistant material is also important in the event that you’re caught off-guard by a downpour!

5. Family Protection is Key

Data reveals that almost two-thirds (61%) of American households include at least one person who goes camping on a regular basis.

As more families embrace an off-the-grid lifestyle and take a greener approach to everyday tasks, it’s understandable that this pastime is on the rise, especially among the Millennial generation.

If you’re planning to head out into the wilderness with your loved ones, it’s important to take precautions to keep them safe. Carrying a survival backpack is one step that’s easy to add to your routine, doesn’t add bulk, and gives you the peace of mind you deserve as you make memories that last a lifetime.

6. They’re Convenient and Affordable

While there are elaborate and high-priced measures that the most extreme preppers and survivalists can take, not everyone has access to the resources required to fund these pursuits.

Preparing for a disaster shouldn’t drain your bank account. And, it shouldn’t be an opportunity reserved for the elite.

This is especially true when it comes to outdoor and camping-related gear, which can set you back thousands of dollars in your quest to stay safe.

If you’re looking for an affordable way to ease into this sector, a survival backpack is a great way to do so. You’ll get access to the basics you need, without all the bells and whistles you don’t.

7. You Can Start Camping Quicker

When you’re getting ready for a camping trip, your mind is running a mile a minute. There’s gear to stow, itineraries to make, and maps to follow. You don’t need to spend hours combing the internet to find the best survival gear out there.

The reality is that you could spend months researching the topic and still not even scratch the surface of everything you can buy in this industry. That’s why these backpacks are ideal. They contain everything you need, hand-curated by survivalist experts who have done the homework so you don’t have to.

Find Survival Backpacks for Your Camping Trip

Are you ready to detox from the digital life and find solace and solitude in nature? If so, don’t leave the house unprepared.

Camping can be a great way to connect with friends and enjoy the great outdoors, but you never know when an emergency will occur or disaster will strike. Don’t wonder with every step if you’ll be OK in the face of danger. Survival backpacks take the guesswork out of the game.

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