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If you are looking for new cleaning tools for your home, you should know your options first. Here are factors to consider when buying an all-purpose cleaner.

If you’re looking for a better all-purpose cleaner, it’s important to consider several things. After all, not all cleaners have EPA certification to indicate that they kill germs or are environmentally-friendly.


Before you grab any cleaner off the shelf at the grocery store, keep reading to learn seven factors that you should weigh before heading to the check-out counter.

1. Is There An EPA Label?

It’s easy to be blinded by the bright graphics and text on everything in the cleaning aisle at the grocery store. But look closely when you’re checking the all-purpose cleaners. You’ll find small labels or words that will indicate how effective the product is and if it is among the safer cleaning products available.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) doesn’t put its seal of approval on everything. Check the bottom portion of your all-purpose cleaning product to look for this label, which confirms that the product lives up to its claims. You want to purchase a cleaner that actually cleans, right?

There is also now a Safer Choice label that tells you if a product meets certain requirements for safer ingredients. The EPA labs test for the presence of harmful chemicals like carcinogens or chemicals used in fragrances. If a product meets the EPA’s standards, it will bear this label.

2. Is the Ingredient List Safe?

All-natural or plant-based cleaning products score big on this point. Chemicals like carcinogens and toxic ingredients can be a dealbreaker if you’re hoping to make greener decisions at the store.

Don’t buy into gimmicky labels, either. Words like “natural” and earthy color schemes can trick you into thinking that the cleaner is environmentally safe or plant-based. But that’s all marketing manipulation – the products might not be as green as you think!

Take the extra thirty seconds to scan the ingredients label just as you would for a package of food. Most plant-based products will announce safe ingredients on their label.

Also, check on the acidity of the products. Especially if you have sensitive skin, you’ll want a product that stays in the neutral range on the pH scale, which is around 7. Anything too much lower might agitate your skin or creating a burning sensation due to the higher acidity.

3. Can this Cleaner Be Used Around Pets and Kids?

If you have pets or frequent pet visitors to your home, this is an important point. Your cleaning product should be non-toxic, and many will indicate on their label that they are pet-safe.


When you’re not using this cleaner – or any cleaner – make sure to store it in a closed cabinet out of reach from furry friends or young children. The bright colors on some cleaner containers may appeal to curious kids. The novelty of having a shiny new product to chew on might tempt your pets.

4. How Much Does this All-Purpose Cleaner Cost?

Everyone has a limit to how much they are willing to spend on certain things. Where do cleaning products rank for you?

Some can cost under $2 but others can creep closer to $10 or even more. Studies show that the average American family can be spending around $50 per month on cleaning supplies.

Since you want the most bang for your buck, putting in a little time to compare the options is vital. All of the other factors on this list can play into the cost – especially the ingredients and brand reputation.


Think about your values. If finding an environmentally-friendly or EPA-certified product is your top priority, then the price might not be as much of an issue.

5. Is It Effective on All Surfaces?

You want to clean your bathroom – but you also want to clean your kitchen sink, cabinets, upholstery, and floors. Can this be done?

“All-purpose” is a big claim. Read the label before buying to verify that the product in your cart does what it says.


Several organizations test cleaning products in their labs to see how they measure up against each other. Doing a little reading before your next grocery trip can be worth the time. Chances are that the product that cleans your tub well won’t be appropriate on your upholstered wing chair.

6. The Smell Test: Is it Fragrant or Pungent? 

This seems like a basic consideration, but it’s one most of us fail to check before buying an all-purpose cleaner. What does the product smell like?


You may be able to smell the bottle or spray a little when no one’s looking to get a sense of the smell. The smell is a subjective thing, so it’s important to invest in a product that will appeal to your senses since you may be using it for several months. Scents like lavender can help you relax, while the classic lemon scent is always a safe bet for a pleasing atmosphere.

7. Is This Product Leaving Surfaces Streak-free?

Some cleaners let you spray and immediately start wiping, while others suggest waiting a few minutes before wiping. Be sure to check the instructions because those minutes might make the difference between a clear and streak-free surface.


Sometimes you’ll notice that a surface is dirty or streaky just a day or two after cleaning it. The issue might be related to following directions (yes, you’ll have to squint to read them on the bottle) – but it might be that the cleaner isn’t doing its job well.

Get the Right Cleaner

The hunt for the perfect all-purpose cleaner gets more challenging each time a new product enters the marketplace. With so many options out there, take a moment and consider what you value in a cleaner. If you want to get that streak-free clean and do something better for the environment at the same time, contact us at Purbloc to learn more about our products!