Nearly one-third of Americans have a credit score that’s less than 601, the line between fair and bad credit.

When your credit is less than perfect, it can feel as though you’re stuck. Loans are an important resource for people in any financial situation, but with bad credit, many loans are out of reach.

That’s where alternate loans with no credit check come in.

Keep reading to learn 6 great uses for options besides loans with no credit check.

1. Consolidate Your Debt

When you have multiple credit cards or loans with varying balances and interest rates that you’re trying to tackle, keeping track of it all can be confusing.

You may miss payment deadlines. Or you worry about which loans or cards you should be paying down first.

One of the best reasons to get a loan is to consolidate this debt into one easy payment.

2. Cover an Emergency Expense

Even a stable financial situation can get derailed by an unexpected emergency expense.

Your car breaks down and requires an expensive repair. Your roof starts to leak and needs to be replaced.

You have to go to the emergency room and are faced with a big bill. When an expense can’t wait, you need a loan fast.

3. Visit a Loved One

Life doesn’t wait around for your finances to improve. While you’re working to build a savings or climb out of debt, you may be faced with the difficult situation of an ailing loved one who lives too far away for a quick visit.

A plane ticket can seem like a luxury. But when you have a parent, grandparent, or other relative facing their final days, it may be your only option for seeing them.

Among the many good reasons to borrow money, the chance to reconnect or see someone one last time is a great one.

4. Remodel Your Home

Remodeling your home can be a major expense, and usually isn’t one you can pay for little by little.

To get everything done at once, use a personal loan to cover the expense up front. That way you can pay it off at a more attainable rate.

5. Pay for Elective Medical Expenses

Emergencies aren’t the only time you might be faced with a medical expense you need a loan for.

Another personal reason for an alternative to no credit check loan is an elective medical expense.

Maybe you’ve struggled for years with back pain and want to see a chiropractor, but your insurance won’t cover it. Or crooked teeth are ruining your self-esteem, but braces are out of reach financially.

6. Cover Funeral Expenses

Funeral expenses of a loved one are always a good reason for a loan.

The average cost of a funeral is now more than $11,000.

Whether they didn’t have life insurance or it isn’t enough to cover the cost of a funeral and other expenses, you might find yourself in need of a little extra.

You only get one chance to give your loved one a proper send-off, and unfortunately, that chance rarely comes with any warning that you could use to start saving money.

Finding alternatives to Loans with No Credit Check

Now that you know a few reasons why you might need one, it’s time to start looking into alternatives to loans with no credit check.

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