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On average, families in American do around nine loads of laundry in a single week.

With each load taking about one-and-a-half hours to complete (from washing to drying and putting away), that’s a lot of hours spent on an important though thoroughly thankless task.

Why not streamline the process by outsourcing your laundry work to the professionals? Dry cleaning services save you time better spent with your family, keep your clothes and textiles in tip-top condition, and cater to special needs like allergies or quick turnaround times.

Read on to learn all about why a dry cleaning service is the only way to do laundry for everyone–from working professionals to large families.

1. What Cleaning Methods Do They Use?

Perhaps surprisingly, there are several different dry cleaning methods. They all use a chemical solvent in place of water to get dirty fabrics spic and span.

Perc (short for perchloroethylene) is one of the most common agents used in dry cleaning. This is due to its unmatchable ability to remove oil-based stains and the fact that it’s nonflammable. It can, however, lead to the fading of fabric in some instances, and researchers have also discovered some environmental issues for this agent in recent years.

Dry cleaners might use liquid silicone or glycol ethers for soft and delicate fabrics. While these options are relatively non-toxic, they are more expensive than perc, so not as widely used.

Eco dry cleaning uses environmentally friendly, non-toxic solvents and safe dry cleaning equipment. Co2 cleaning, hydrocarbon cleaning, and Green Earth cleaning are just some examples. This is an area on the rise, so be sure to ask if your dry cleaner has eco-options available.

2. What’s the Level of Dry Cleaning Service Experience?

Experience matters when it comes to dry cleaning services. The collective dry cleaning experience of owners and staff, as well as how well-trained staff is, should be obvious when you browse the company’s website or interact with staff on the phone or by email.

Questions to consider when choosing a dry cleaning service include:

  • What kinds of FAQs do they list on their website?
  • Do the answers they provide for the FAQs offer a lot of detail?
  • How long has the company been in business?
  • How many branches do they have?
  • What kinds do they ask you when you place an order?
  • Do they reply to you promptly when you ask questions?

A good dry cleaner will also be transparent with their pricing. This shows they are confident in the level of service they offer and have dry cleaning experience in the marketplace. It’s important to review this information carefully when comparing cleaning costs.

3. Do Other People Think Highly of the Company?

We all know how to find a dry cleaner near us. Jump on Google, plug in the name of your area (New Jersey, for example), and hit return. That method is likely to bring up a long list of dry cleaners on the first page alone.

How do you know which one is right for you?

First take a look at the references and reviews on the company website, if they have any. Of course, a company will only post their positive reviews so head to platforms like Yelp or the review section on their Google Maps listing.

What overall references and reviews rating do they have? What complaints do people have about the company and do they seem reasonable? Head to their social media accounts, like their Facebook page, and read through the recommendations.

You can also ask around friends, family, and coworkers to find out who they use. After all, word of mouth marketing is still considered the holy grail for advertisers, even in the age of the internet! You can trust the experiences of those people closest to you–it’s social proof that a business is good at what they do.

4. How Do They Deal With Loss or Damages?

By law, dry cleaners are required to take reasonable care of the clothing and linens you pass onto them for cleaning. Should anything happen to your items, you would be within your rights to claim compensation.

A reputable dry cleaner will understand the importance of meeting the expectations of their customers. They will review clothing before washing it and let you know if they believe a certain stain won’t be able to be removed or if a particular fabric won’t be able to stand up to the rigor of the standard dry cleaning process.

In the case of loss or damage to an item, the laundromat will be transparent about the situation. They will notify you immediately following the incident and offer some form of compensation. If they don’t, start comparing cleaning costs of the business with others in your area and consider a switch.

5. What Services Do They Offer?

If your time is valuable (and let’s be honest, it is for most of us), look for a dry cleaning service that offers pickup and delivery of your clothes and linens. Especially in the age of COVID, it’s important to choose a company that offers contactless pickup and delivery and ideally operates 24/7.

Standard dry cleaning should be on offer, but sometimes you’re looking for a service that will just take the tedious task of laundry off your hands. Another time-saving service that only the most reputable laundries will offer is wash-and-fold.

They pick up your clothes, clean and fold the laundry according to your preferences, and then drop it back to you fresh and ready to use. They’ll even match your socks!

Some companies even offer rewards programs to encourage repeat customers. Take advantage of these, including any referral bonuses. They can save you a decent amount of money!

6. Are They Concerned About Health?

If you or a family member suffer from allergies, be sure to check to see what types of detergent options are on offer when exploring dry cleaning services. Smart Laundromat, for example, uses unscented, organic detergent to ensure protection against allergy-inducing chemicals and scents. Good companies will usually offer a few detergent options, too.

Does the company you are looking to work with proudly promote themselves as an eco-cleaner? Most companies with an eco-friendly stance use non-toxic cleaning agents that leave less chemical residue on clothes and are less harmful to the environment. This means any dry cleaning delivered back to you will be safe for you and your family to use right away.

Go Local for Convenience and Peace of Mind

Outside of these factors, it makes sense to work with a dry cleaning service that’s in your area. Pick and drop off of your clothing will be easy to arrange. If there are any problems, it will be simple to visit the company.

Meeting the clothing and linen cleaning needs of New York State’s busiest people busy is the foundation of the Smart Laundromat business. If you’re in New Jersey or Brooklyn, request a pickup today!