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Little Elm, TX, March 30, 2021 – Our world is full of beautiful nature that captivates the eye. Everywhere you go on this planet, you are bound to run into some sort of beautiful nature.

Camping Forge is helping promote enthusiasm for the great outdoors with their surprising survey results.

  • 50% of parents plan to camp more with their family In 2021
  • 61% of people surveyed would rather visit Yellowstone than Disney
  • 70% of campers prefer their marshmallows toasted
  • 43% of people say campfire is their favorite smell
  • Only 34% of campers prefer to camp in the summer
  • 28% prefer to camp at a national park
  • 49% prefer the sound of flowing rivers
  • 44% of people go camping twice a year
  • 41% of campers consider renting out an RV for their trip

These stats give us a very interesting insight into the preferences of campers. First off, a heated debate among campers is how a marshmallow should be heated. While there are those who prefer to completely torch the tasty snack, others prefer just a touch of brown on their marshmallow. However, in this survey, campers seemed to prefer the happy medium at toasty.

Stats showing that certain sounds and smells of the great outdoors are appealing to them. This further drives the passion and love for the nature.

One of the more surprising stats is that a minority of those surveyed prefer to camp in the summer. It seems weather does not make nor break the experience for these campers!

“We love to help make everyone’s outdoor experience as enjoyable as possible,” said the CEO of Camping Forge.

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There is even a section for gifts! Camping is a hobby that needs equipment, and with Camping Forge you can learn what kind of gear to gift your friends and family!

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“With the ability to social distance and breathe fresh air, camping is seeing a boost in interest among families,” said a representative of Camping Forge.

The great outdoors awaits – check out their website today!

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