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Are you planning on remodeling your home office? The global pandemic has seen record numbers of people working from home. If you are one of them, you need an office that is comfortable and pleasant to work in.

This may mean a totally new space or a redesign of an old one. Below, we give our 5 must-know tips on a home office remodel.

1. Utilize Natural Light

Have you ever walked into a large office full of cubicles that are illuminated only by overhead strip lights? It is definitely something to avoid, and one way to do this is by utilizing all forms of natural light that you can. While your windows and doors may be fixed, the placement of other items in the room does not have to be.

Ideally, natural light sources should be fully visible from anywhere in the office space. If it is hard to get light into certain areas, use mirrors to refract the light into the home office areas you want it to sit.

2. Stay Organized in Your Home Office Remodel

Office reorganization does not just mean buying a lot of files and folders. In fact, once they start piling up, they can look just as bad as papers and books. Instead, make sure you have adequate storage space to can tuck items away.

This could include extra shelving or drawer space. Make sure they are aesthetically pleasing as well as functional. You do not want a huge filing cabinet that messes with the visual appeal.

3. Streamline Your Technology

Office technology can get clunky and big, particularly if you are using older models. To keep your space looking good, opt for a more streamlined approach that forgoes wires. This can include routers, mice, keyboards, and printers.

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Any essential wiring should be tucked along the wall and away. Gather them together with a cord tanner or cable tie.

4. Desk, Chair, and Home Office Lighting

Any desk you choose needs to be wide enough to house your computer and a few books and papers. You will also have to consider the place for the mouse, keyboard, and somewhere to take physical written notes.

You should always spend a good amount of money on your office chair. It needs to be comfortable and adjustable, as you will be sat in it a lot. Without this, you will find your back and neck soon begin to cause complaints.

Home office lighting should also afford enough power to fully illuminate the area, including your desk. Ensure it is placed so that it does not cast shadows onto the workplace if working at night.

5. Consider Usage

Finally, consider what else you may be using the office for. If you have clients or others working in the office, you may need enough space to put in extra desks or a sofa. Extra seating can be as simple as an armchair, and it will be easy to fit in with the rest of the decor.

Enjoy Your Space

The most important factor in a home office remodel is that you enjoy your space. Once you start to love the items and furniture around you, it will facilitate your productivity. Soon, you won’t miss the regular office at all.

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